The Dangle

Anyone remember this? The original forum post was deleted and I really wish I could find some sort of capture of "The Dangle Topic"
Now that I've actually put more effort into finding it, I've found it.

Titled; My Dangle Glows and I Hate It
I've played since god knows how long.

I'm fairly casual.

I don't read this forum or min max.

Every patch has either reduced or increased my dps, I can live with that. No biggie.

This patch however has completely changed the way I play. I don't get that dangling thingy under my mana or why I needed it. Notice I say needed, I understand the mechanics, but have no clue why I "needed" this three glowie dot system. I hate rogues. I hate combo points.

I love the fluid play style of paladins.

Today I went into the Stockades to try out my dangle. I hit a mob. It did not die. I mean... I hit it. I'm level 80, I got a purple jawbone thing..but it was still alive.

I could hit the same mob with my fist at 70 and nearly kill it.

I hit it again. My screen vomited these swords around me. And my dangle glowed.

Please remove the dangle. I hate it.

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