Unusual warlocks, let me oggle you.

Wyrmrest Accord
How did he get the name, "Ironcrotch?"

Someone had to ask. Don't judge me.

One of his ancestors slayed a dragon with only pelvic thrusts.
How did he get the name, "Ironcrotch?"

Someone had to ask. Don't judge me.

One of his ancestors slayed a dragon with only pelvic thrusts.

Pics or it didn't happen.

One of his ancestors slayed a dragon with only pelvic thrusts.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Here is an artist's rendition.

I understand now.

I like your head. Can we be friends?
I'll have to consult my lawyer, first.
Fantastic (and hilarious) responses! Thank you all for sharing, I'm quite impressed.

Ugh. I keep wanting to restart a Warlock now, but I feel like I ought to try my Mage, at least.

Le sigh.
I created an Orc Warlock who failed in becoming a Shaman, but dressed like one and practiced Warlock-y stuff in secret. He was in complete denial about the path of being evil, and would deny that he was doing anything wrong... while he tried to eat your soul or whatever.

Unfortunately, I could not level a Warlock without becoming bored immediately, and his transmog required at least level 65, so I eventually gave up.
It took me FOREVER to come up with a good concept for a Warlock. Like, I fully believed I would never play the class because I disliked them but on the other hand SPELLCASTERS WITH PETS!

And to be completely honest, I didn't so much come up with this one as she popped into my head and demanded attention.

I just got this image in my head of a young troll woman with a twisted grin and warpaint, and bright red hair in the three braids design.

After that, the story became easy-

Araekni, daughter of a Witchdoctor, had been training to be a Loa priest when the Kor'kron attacked the Echo Isles. She was beaten to near death, and she saw others, friends, family, killed. Essentially she IS power hungry, but it's power to take down Garrosh and every orc who dared to lay a hand on a Darkspear. It's a thirst for power derived from her love of her people.

And I wouldn't say she is particularly angsty or insane, she is simply driven. It will be interesting to see the aftermath when she is left with all the pacts she made to gain power rapidly...
My Warlock Calebar is neither dark and brooding, obsessed with demons,or power hungry mad and evil. In fact he's a terrified young man who actively does what he can to play off that he is a mage.

I worked it that when he was younger he wanted to apprentice under a mage. So he went to the local one in his village and inquired. After several tests, he was accepted and began to learn the arts. Though he started to think something was off when certain spells adde din factors he was uncomfortable with. Eventually (He's not the brightest) His master informed him to draw a runic circle and call upon a familiar. Calebar knew the words were not mage designed, in fact they were demonic. He confronted his master and refused to do the summons. Long story short, the guy was indeed a warlock, unknown and cast out. He told Calebar that if he didn't do the summons or obey him, that he would inform the village that Calebar was practicing dark arts and watch his student get burned.

Terrified, Calebar slunk back and did as told. What else was an 18 yr old boy to do?

Several years later, Gilneas ran into their furry worgen issue and Calebar's Master was sucked into the cataclysm and killed. Calebar was cursed as were a good many Gilneans.

He hides both the fact he's a warlock, and the fact he's a worgen thinking both are terrible curses that will get him killed by society. Even though worgen have been accepted, he's still embarrassed.

He's also an alchemist, and is trying to find a way to cure himself of the worgen curse using what magics he can. More often then not though he ends up blowing his eyebrows off or turning purple.

When he has to use his demons, he prefers the imp as it's manageable and easily intimidated if needed. Even then he calls on the thing as little as possible and never anywhere where he will be noticed.

Hope that made sense and helps a bit.A crazy story but the guys is fun to play.
I always thought it would be fun to RP a gnome warlock that studied his/her demons like a scientist. Felozoologist, if you will. I even rolled such a gnome, though couldn't get into the hyper zone that most gnomes share...

...she's now Forsaken, an Ex-Kirin Tor mage that was exiled for studying the nasty side of magic, particularly necromancy and the plague, and various other affliction-esque spells. Even if that is on the slightly over-RPed "mage gone bad" side of things, I enjoy it. As for demons, she was taught that demons always come with a higher price than what they're worth, and therefore never summoned one to her plane of existance (at least in RP).
Jasti (who's actually a master of mage-craft, not a warlock) follows the power hungry and dark motif in a way.

But in her mind, it's not about her own ego. Her people were nearly destroyed by war and betrayal, and sacrifice is required in order for them to thrive. She knows she's best at destructive magics, and is always researching ways to push those limits further. To that end, she's unafraid to enter into practices that others might fear or consider questionable. She considers herself more of a weapon than a person.

As far as pet play: she currently has no need for functional demons. Instead of summoning (She can't anyway, since not yet a warlock), she hunts down demons who dare enter Azeroth, stores their tortured essence into verdant spheres, and then uses that essence to augment her fire spells.

With fel-magics being as corruptive as they are, it's only a matter of time before her mind dives off a cliff and she stops balancing power and self-destruction. She's fully aware of this.

I don't find myself very fond of pet play, nor am I all that charmed by "uhuhuh meso dark 'n' broody 'n' POWAH HANGRY" that often comes with warlocks.

*cries in the corner in a dark n' broody fashion*
James Books, saver of imps.
I love warlocks to little bits! I used to have six of them on WrA, but now I'm down to three and a warlock over on Moon Guard as well.

Probably the easiest way (for me) to deal with warlocks (or any class) is to not consider their class when I'm making the background. As I branch out their story and character concept, I'll just plop them into whatever class makes the most sense - or whichever one I want to play!

-- Pailla is an alchemist first and foremost, and only her family history and their use of Shadow (and later, Fel) has had her involved at all, as it was taught to her growing up. Mixing that bit of knowledge with her alchemical experiments, she decided to go into demonology just so that she could use the demons to experiment on.

Her goal is to manufacture some sort of mixture that works against demons with simple herbal components available to most people across Azeroth, as she's frothing-mouth crazy-obsessed with paranoias about the Legion returning. She definitely went into full-on Warlock-mode because of this, not out of any desire for power or the allure of the unknown.

The woman despises all things demon-related, and doesn't consider them as 'people', enslaved by the Legion or otherwise. From a demon's standpoint, she's probably one hell of a monster.

The only demon she consistently summons is her succubus, as Pailla is technically nearly blind. She beats the demon around the ears and forces her to do her bidding in helping her 'see' a situation or navigate through complex areas when she doesn't feel confident in summoning an Eye to view things. Instead, she relies on her stealthed-demon to help her, and the creature is so cowed that she's fearful of what might happen if she lies at this point.

-- Juliet's not a pet-person. She's an investigative journalist who just so happens to have had a warlock for a partner. Her use of spells at all are for self-defense in situations where she's reporting on or 'witnessing' for historical records something going on in a warzone. She's never really gotten much into full-on Fel use or summoned demons; all of her experience is with the Shadow schools.

-- Tynarian is Pailla's son, so he learned everything from her and his father, though she's still trying to curb his use of Fel. She doesn't feel that he should be around that aspect of magic at all, and is furious with his father for teaching him at all. Naturally, her partner-in-crime Haleth is probably not going to help the situation any, as he's just as impish as Tynarian and just as pleased to use his skills to show off, which will likely get the boy's attention and probably some of his want to emulate the man.

-- Ziichi is a moron. Her adoptive father, Salarous, taught her how to use the arcane when she showed a sensitivity for it - though she had little control at all and he had to try to teach her how to not just burn down buildings trying to understand what she was doing. After he went missing and was presumed dead, his black drake -- Asherion -- was left to be her tutor as per his will. Teenaged-dragon influenced by the madness of the Old Gods + unbalanced teenaged girl with anger-issues and addiction issues = DANGER, DANGER WIL ROBINSON.

Naturally it ended in terrible no-good things, and his willful manipulation of her and her efforts in being as irresponsible as humanly possible resulted in her losing everyone she cared for. She gave up the craft later on, as with Ashe gone and Salarous unable to come Alliance-side to teach her, and Haleth involved with Pailla instead, she had no real tutor. Between that and her slowly growing up into a young woman from a bratty teenager, and taking on adult responsibilities, she realized that the power she was tapping into was ultimately addictive and dangerous, that she and the abusive drake did not have ~twu wuv~ and that she needed to be a responsible person to raise the children she and Larrk eventually adopted.

(Not to mention she accidentally got pregnant through her whole crazy up and down addiction arc with Fel and the terrible life-choices she made at the time, so she was punched in the face with reality. Add to that the fact that her own experimenting with demons resulted in her nearly being ripped to shreds when she couldn't control something so powerful? Yeah, she learned fast how wrong she was.)

Now she's just working with reptiles, side-eyes magic longingly, and raises her kids with Larrk as a responsible young woman - while still saying the dumbest !@#$%^- things known to mankind.

... So there are my warlocks who have developed stories on WrA. SORRY FOR THE NOVEL. I like to think they're fairly unusual and aren't the MUAHAHAHA VILLAINY sorts, but rather more real-feeling people of whom the involvement of warlock arts was more a bit of story and a flavour to the personality, rather than the entirety of their identity.
Woah! You guys are seriously awesome. Thank you for sharing with me. ^^ These have all been helping my mind brew.
So it's like this: down in my old stomping ground of Shadowforge City, you find a sort of magic you like and you do it. I'm good with flames, so flames are what I did. Then we made the move to Ironforge and I said to myself, "Mhorna, it's hard enough being a finger-waggler around here. If you're going to do it, you're going to do it legitimate-like." So I dashed off a letter to Dalaran asking about their certification.

They sent back an eight-inch-thick book of regulations! Listen, I'm no fool - you don't go about practicing magic without some groundrules. But those people have rules for ground, walls and ceiling, and I'm not ready to sign on the dotted line for all of that.

So I suppose I'm a warlock. I have to study in the backrooms and abandoned crypts, but on the plus side I learned a safe way to harness an imp. Ever conjure while anointed in demon blood? It's spectacular.

(( All of which is to say I don't like pet RP or mustache-twirling either. ))
There isnt room here for Forbs' complete story, so I'll just give you the personality stuff.

Forbs is confident, decisive, observant, and smart. She's not brilliant or anything. She's not an engineer. She's never invented anything in her life. But she is a Gnome, with all that implies. You underestimate her at your peril. Forbs is mostly self-taught, having learned nearly everything she knows from a review copy of Wilfred Fizzlebang's masterwork: "Advanced Warlockery in 80 EASY Lessons!"

She's neither dark, brooding, power hungry, nor mean. She is however a very capable practitioner of the fel magical arts and sciences who happens to specialize in thermal and chaos based ordinance. In other words, she is what you Humans so quaintly and inadequately refer to as a "warlock". She is well aware of the lethal nature of the energies she channels, and uses them as a last resort to defend herself and others.

Forbs is good natured and treats everyone with respect unless they give her good reason not to. Despite a deep-seated resentment over what she perceives as their callous indifference to the plight of the Gnomeregan refugees, she is polite and diplomatic with the Tall Folk. She understands that the Gnomes need the Alliance right now, much more than the Alliance needs the Gnomes. That said, dont expect to get away with any Gnome jokes. That is, unless you really want to know how many Tall Folks it takes to screw in an arc-light?

She is accompanied everywhere by her semi-faithful sidekick "Choppy" the imp. She puts the imp through all manner of insufferable indignities he is powerless to refuse, not because she is cruel, but because she thinks it is good for his character. These include everything from helping the innocent to wearing a specially treated fire-proof bow tie in town. (Note: I havent decided yet whether or not Forbs ethical "training" of the imp is actually having an effect on him or not).

"Choppy" (real name: Chopad is never uttered for obvious reasons) is her reluctant cowardly and sarcastic servant. He LIVES to set things on fire, but is tightly constrained by Forbs' carefully-worded orders he is powerless to disobey. He is constantly trying to get her to loosen up with that whole 'Hero' business and engage in some REAL destruction.

Forbs is focused like a laser on her goal of liberating Gnomeregan. That focus helps her shrug off any temptations to use her growing power for petty personal gains.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Demons? Arstan has always been able to hear them, whispering and muttering, and he could see them or at least their shadows out of the corner of his eye. When he finally managed to catch one, it told him that he was tainted with their blood, a warlock from an old line: Sangnoir. The rest of the demon's sept was watching him, and waiting for him to claim their power. In war-torn Azeroth, it wasn't much of a choice; Arstan couldn't even help farmers near Stormwind without demonic help, and eventually that of other demons. They were his weapons and his armor against the Defias, the factions of the Horde, the undead and the necromancers, even against the Burning Legion.

Legacy or no, his demons didn't make it easy. He had to trick the imp, overpower the voidwalker, seduce the succubus, trap the felhound, and steal the dreadsteed. Securing the power of the infernal was even worse. But one day, Shaanom, the felguard just showed up, saying that “It is time”. Arstan, now Arstan Sangnoir, tried not to think about what this meant for the future. After all, there wouldn't be much of a future if the Alliance couldn't fight off the threats to the surviving races of the Alliance. Arstan was just going to be giving his afterlife, just as his fellow heroes had given their lives, for Azeroth. Not so big sacrifice after he has seen what the victims of the Plague, the Horde, the Legion, and so many other evils have gone through.

So he tolerated the demons, though not when surrounded by civilians. His demons treated him like a friend and assured him that he was going to be their messiah. But a few days ago, Arstan summoned Jubham, and a stranger answered in its place, a different imp who groveled and obeyed him, but told him that it know nothing. The same has happened with each of his demons. At the moment, that's the least of his problems.

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