[A] Relinquished Life -ToT- 10m Recruiting!

Relinquished Life - A level 25 10m Raiding Guild is currently recruiting Paladins and Shammy healers, as well as Hunters, Locks, and exceptional Boomies to join our Core 10m Team. We Raid Wed, Sun, and Monday, 8-11pm Server Time. If these seem like good times for you, come find your new home!

We also encourage casual players of any class to come hang out and make some new friends, and possibly get into a raid as a backfill, as that evil REAL LIFE thing can sneak up on us all!

We're a down to earth easy going Raid group who tried to shuck the drama and have progressed up to Megaera in ToT. We're looking to keep progressing as well as find new friends to glue us in more to our favorite addiction - being WoW.

Please feel free to send myself - Valvias... Kerathos, Carthania, or Chungwang a message for more information!!! We look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your experiences!

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