Silver Monarchs (H) = Flexible Schedule

Istven --

Please don't guild recruit cross-realm. You are free to recruit in your own realm forum or the more appropriate Guild Recruitment forum.


Thread locked.
Recruiting for guilds on another server's forums is kinda a big no-no.
We prefer players 25 and older in order to better match the maturity of players in the guild and to weed out useless saps that have a hard time breathing air.

Says the paladin who hasn't completed the current LFR and never even killed a boss on normal in MoP??

Sounds to me like you have plenty of "mouth-breathers" in your guild... Go back to your sh!t server.

inb4 thread deletion. inb4 elitist @ss comment. inb4 trollolololololol.

I'm kinda proud of this post... Hope this guy sees it before the thread is deleted :(
This is one of the few times I actually enjoyed reading Hellsent's post. Haha.

Against ToS to recruit on other servers forummmmmsssss.

Plus we're dead, you're wasting your time. Byeeeeeeee

I'm choking up over here... I feel so loved.

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