Skilled Hunter LF solid 10 man Raiding Guild!

Hi there, I'm new to Lightbringer and was looking for an experienced 10 man raiding guild to join. Core or Progression, doesn't matter to me. My current ilvl is 498, and I have a lot of past raiding experience. I'm a very aware person, I'm very knowledgeable of my class, and I would make a great addition to any Raid Group. My current availability (for assured attendance) is Wednesdays and Sundays. I may or may not be able to make it to other days, depending on what my work schedule looks like. Send me a whisper in game or post on here if I can be of any help! =)
We have a mature group of raiders coming together on Lightbringer to start up TOT normal mode. The group has been running cross realm raids together for the last several weeks but we are short a couple DPS to get going on TOT normal. Current group make-up is:


Disc Priest
Holy Priest

Frost DK

8:30pm to 11:30 pm PST; 2 nights a week Mon and Wed
(will adjust depending on RL needs)

Raid requirements:
Know the fights, study before attempting new encounters
Know your class, be stat optimized according to (or better).
Flasks – bring your own, and they are required.
Food – Raid leader will bring 250 food; if you want 275 or 300 bring your own
Working microphone in mumble. No silent raiders.
Attitude – we only have a few hours a night; downing bosses is more fun than wiping but it’s not always easy to get there. Discuss what went wrong on wipes and examine what can be improved. Focus first on how YOU can do better, then on how to make others better. If you are sucking expect to hear constructive feedback; if you see others sucking you are expected to provide constructive feedback.

Drinking while raiding is always a plus.

DBM (or better) required.

Leadership (group is led by a trio)
Heal lead – invites, explain overall strat, calling out heal cooldowns, transitions
DPS lead – explain dps priorities, target marking, lootmaster
Tank lead – explain tank strat, calling out switches and interrupts, raid pacing

Loot Rules
Object is to bring the TEAM capability up as much as possible each time a boss is defeated; since we desire to run with the same people week after week it is important that group members view this as a commitment to others (like joining a recreational sports team or club). Given this we will utilize either Suicide Kings or AskMrRobot gear tool (to be decided by group).

If you are interested, please contact Anirak or myself in game.

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