What's new on AVATAR?

I'm just curious about why AVATAR is still a level 90 talent and unchanged. I quitted serious pvp after S4 but still have fun in this game. Since 5.1, this ability has nothing new and only the same as the old "death wish", or even weaker while comparing root breaking with immunity of fearing for 30 seconds in those very old days.

It was OP in 5.0 (just fine in fact), and it's acceptable to nerf it, but at 90, one wishes to see a completely new talent to play with instead an ability that we used years ago. It's ok that some old abilities are built in talent, but never 90s'. New talent should be slightly OP (like old avatar) or fun(like powershot), or at least, new.
Maybe next expansion.
Maybe someday
I'm certain that Patch X.X will save us.

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