Is Evanescence Metal?

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Yes Amy Lee's voice is epic. It ranges from brooding and painful to legato-operetic. And she also kicks it on the piano. Does putting piano in a band remove the metal of searing guitars and power chords?

Dragged an album of thiers to the "metal" playlist and wondering if my iphone will explode or melt, or do someting bad.
Impression can be different for everyone. Metal maybe not so much, but definitely Rock.
They're about as heavy as Aluminium, but they're still there. Want a heavy band?

Thrash out.
Sort of/maybe/just-barely/depends-who-you-ask. They do share a lot of similarity with Eurpoean gothic/symphonic bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, After Forever, et al. There is some debate as to whether these should count as metal at all or if they are something else again; as it stands, gothic/sympho is generally regarded as a form of metal. Now whether Evanescence qualifies, is another question... I would say yes, but only by the skin of their teeth, and only because of their similarity to the European gothic/sympho set.

Ehhh, my gut instinct is to say no. Definitely hard rock, but they just don't feel metal to me. I consider Within Temptation to be the litmus test of metalness, and Evanescence lags just behind them, so no to them being metal.

Also, anyone who says that Nightwish, Epica, and After Forever aren't metal is an idiot.
Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish are usually considered the three best current groups for female led vocal Metal bands.

Impressions will vary because people are so very different, and should be so.

Personally, Evanescence is a great band; I love the broad range, I just don't listen to the slow songs while driving around. Within Temptation has amongst their first albums songs I cannot listen to because of Sharon Den Adel's voice on those ones; I'd love to see some re-recordings of those in her much nicer vocal range. To each their own.

Amy Lee.

Sharon Den Adel.

Tarja and Annette.

There's also plenty of other bands I likely have yet to hear of with great female vocals, ones that may be what you would find more interesting to listen to most days.

Metal or not, Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish are still great bands to listen to when I feel like doing so on any given day.
I don't really care about putting a label on an artist at any cost...IT's not important to me at all. But I do love Evanescence. Her voice is amazing. She can shift from low-tones to very high ones in a matter of half a second.

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