The Thunder Forge Legendary Quest

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The final stage of this solo scenario requires you to kill an elite with nearly 32 million health. You have a NPC that will tank for you, and will put down a green beam that heals you. If you are a well geared DPS you should be able to down this guy.

Only issue is I am a healer. How am I supposed to down this sha that has 32 million health as a healer?

Yes, I have a dps spec, but I do not have decent gear. I tried several times, to the point of my dps gear breaking, to down this sha but I had very little success.

How is this fair to healers?
The Celestial Defender does more damage the higher his health percentage is. Supposedly you could just heal him to keep his dps at maximum. Unfortunately, people are saying that using the anvils to interrupt the Sha Amalgamation's wipe spell resets the Defender to 50% health. Not sure if its feasible for healers without some sort of dps-to-heals ability like atonement or eminence (disc/MW).
Well my mage has a 508 ilvl. The whole thing of being able to buff/repair at the completion the first part of the quest, but then once you enter the Forge you can't do anything at the end of the next stage except go into the third stage... your stuck until your gear is red.

If you want to repair, you have to start the senario again.

Compared to other legendary quest chains, like the Cata Staff chain, the Nexus part for example, where you could leave the instance (repair etc) and return at the stage you left off at, this sux.

Hard? Well you expect it to not be a cake walk, but this is ridiculous.
I did it in 504 gear took me 5 restarts by if a hunter with no heals other than potions
can do it people with heals should do it easy you have to use the anvils at the right times
plus keep moving when things drop on ground. you can't reset it when your gear is red
you run to door and sign out for a while and you can try it again. it cost me over
400g in repairs and a couple days looking on what I didn't do right but when you hit
anvils when he instant cast it take him down fast. I log put once when I was dead
log back in and was in shrine of two moons had to put in ticket for I was dead and couldn't
use unstuck button but I got help from GM that help me in like 10 min. but most people want thing given to them with learning what needs done it was one of the best scenario that blizzard done for you have to learn what you did wrong and try in again keep up the good work
It is a legendary quest chain, I expect it to be hard but it should be of equal difficulty for ALL classes no matter their spec or role. Unless I am able to complete this by healing the Celestial defender I don't see anyway I am going to be able to complete this part of the chain.
I had some problems with this as a tank as well. I had to switch to my dps spec/gear which was terribad and spent at least 3 hours in there and having to restart the instance to repair. I eventually got it but I got really lucky with the rng placement of the green beam. The celestial defender is huge and would always put the beam behind him, putting it out of melee range of the amalg and then the amalg would shadow crash on where I was which would normally end up disabling the celestial defender until he healed which would mean I would get killed. I feel this scenario was very shortsighted with the soft enrage(you only get 8 anvils after that you're dead) as even geared tanks and healers could not put out the damage required to get the spear to spawn.
<Insert Professor Farnsworth Voice> Good news everyone!

Apparently the scenario is doable by healers via the healing-the-Defender method. A commenter over at wowhead had this to say:

By Chardys

For any healers trying to do this, you don't need to respec for it. In fact, I'd argue it's even easier to do as a healer than as a dps. How? Well, in the first phase, the thunder forge will throw out orbs that will give you the Overcharged buff, which mimics any healing you do as damage to the nearest target. The mechanics here make sure the Shado-pan assisting you will almost always have spare health to heal, so just let them take aggro, stand near a mob, and heal them.

In the second and third phases, the Celestial Defender has a buff on him that increases his damage in proportion to his remaining health. At 100% health, he gets a 300% damage buff (compared to what he does at zero health). As long as you keep him healed up, you'll have enough damage being done to get through. He isn't perfect at keeping aggro off of the Celestial Blacksmith, though, so you'll have to heal it as well. In the second phase, I recommend you don't use the anvils - they immediately reduce the Defender to half health (where he does half as much damage as he does at full health). Watch for the Lethargy debuff on the Defender, which decreases its damage, and dispel it whenever you see it up.

In the third phase, just keep the Defender healed up, kite the Sha during banish, and dispel any debuffs that are put on the Defender. One decreases its haste by 50%, and the other stuns it. Both are bad, but it shouldn't be hard to keep them dispelled. Overall, this phase tends to be easier than the second phase, though, as it's a lot less hectic. Just avoid the Sha's attacks and be ready to use an anvil during each casting of Insanity.

Link is
Well said! I could not believe I had to leave the scenario in order to repair and then start it over again. Not fun.
Several points.

1/ I am having no problem with the first couple of stages of this quest, but the final stage, grrr. Having to go through the first stages again, after leaving for repair etc, no fun at all.

2/ As a resto Shaman, I feel like I am fighting with one hand behind my back. Totems do nothing for my tank, the Celestial Defender. So my biggest heal spell, is useless. I would be interested to know if Monks statues are the same.

I keep running out of anvils before the Celestial Defender can get the Sha down. Having to move all the time when my heals take 2.22 secs to cast, is frustrating. Yes I have Spirit Walkers Grace (2 min cooldown), but it is not available all the time.

Oh well, there is no one to help me with this but me. So I will keep researching, adjusting my spec and gear and trying harder.
Well, I completed this phase, as a healer. I had to reglyph out of several things I use for raid healing, like Glyph of Riptide. I put in Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem, so he would be up longer attacking the Sha.

Anyway, on to the next stage.
Mtself being down 600 gold sucks but and having to restart from the beginning? FU Blizzard on that one!

Also about every time the green beam appears the sha throws that splash puddle right on top of it so I cannot use the beam to heal as I would die instead.

Most other times as soon as I step into the beam it starts raining those balls and they start on the beam so you can't heal. I have the timing on the forges down to interrupt the insanity so that’s not a problem.

I will make one more attempt and once my gear goes red I will give up on the quest and move on to other activities lol
My response from another post:

I tried this scenario today, 508 geared-ish (melee DPS)...I died so many times that my gear all broke and I had to leave the scenario to repair. Not sure I'm going to be redoing it any time soon.

I agree with the point that the healing beam is a death-trap.

I don't want to turn this into a QQ post or anything, because I understand that this is supposed to be challenging...but yeah...even following all the mechanics I was dying in ways that seemed random or just running out of anvils.
as heals doing it, running out of anvils is the hardest part for me, 3 anvils left when sha is at 50% is ludicrous :(
I too am having trouble with this one. You do NOT have to restart the scenario to do repairs, if you stand right next to the door to the forge (next to the spirit), you can mount. If you have a repair mount, you're good to go.
Plus the whole healing beam thing discriminates against melee based players as they often have to stop dpsing to stand in the beam as its often put out of melee range of the boss. This takes precious time you need to dps the boss before all eight anvils are used as well as the waves of adds in the earlier phases.

To get though this melee dps have to be lucky that enough beams are placed in melee range of the boss so you do not have to stop dpsing in order to keep yourself healed up. Its a lot like the rolling of the dice basically.

Melee cannot stand in the beam and dps at the same time, it cannot be done.

Overall I considered this scenario to not have been thought all the way through and was released half-cocked and in great need of many changes and polishing.
Anyone have any advice fora holy pally? My main problem is that I run out of hammers to use to interrupt insanity and I'm not really sure what else I can be doing. I've hear some get the sha to around 9mil and then the spear can be used even after death but I just can't get to that point since insanity kills me right around then with no spear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can't figure what else to do but wait until I can start getting dps gear or a nerf.
On my priest, I've tried my dps off spec and my heals main spec. I can heal phase 2 no problem. But as a Holy Priest I need to stand still to cast. In phase 3, one meteor shower and the defender isn't getting healed to full health for that anvil segment which equals failure.

I've gotten to the use the spear message as a dps. I'm going to queue as a dps instead of healer until I get this quest down.
Don't bother trying as melee, straight up not possible. The "healer" they give you only puts up the beam when you are at full health or places it so you can't stand in it and and attack. Having to run to the anvils (in too short a time to not avoid at least 1 150k tick, even with sprint) and avoid the meteor swarm means you have almost no up time on the boss. This scenario seems designed to be rough on range and flat out not doable my melee

edit: finally got it, the trick is, be lucky
I have completed this scenario. It took me over 2 hours and probably 50 deaths, including one restart to repair everything I was wearing. It was exceedingly more frustrating than Lei Shen LFR, or for that matter, Durumu or Garalon. My Ilvl is 510.

The problem for me wasn't that this was hard. Hard for me is when the mechanics are difficult, or many. But I mastered the mechanics after my second try (mastered to me means I reacted to them every time to the best of my ability, and correctly according to research). And I still died for over two hours. How did I beat it, you ask? I don't know. Somehow, on perhaps my 50thish attempt, with the sha at over half health, Wrathion offered me the spear early and I ended the scenario with it.

TL:DR = A well geared and competent player shouldn't have to spend 2 hours dying just to win by CHANCE. This scenario is broken and I strongly recommend blizz fixes it.

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