The Thunder Forge Legendary Quest

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04/23/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Daril
The Celestial Defender does more damage the higher his health percentage is. Supposedly you could just heal him to keep his dps at maximum.

Except he has way too much health for this to be feasible - merely topping him off completely drains my mana bar.
I am currently working on the final stage within the forge. Just to advise all, if you have a repair mount...or other means of repair, you can repair inside. If you die, and hit release spirit, go to the doors you came in, get as close as possible. Repair mounts .....or other sources of repair can be used.
5/05/2013 Finally Beat the Manifested Sha in the "into the forge" phase. The repair bill for all the wipes....OMG.

Now onto Nalak.

Best of luck to all....just have patience.
Good news fellow healers! It seems that the “heal-the-Defender” method does work!

This video shows an ilvl 522 holy pally defeating the encounter by doing nothing more than healing the Celestial Defender. He even makes mistakes while doing it, which suggests that is it possible for a less well geared healer to clear the final stage provided he/she doesn’t make major mistakes.

From watching vids and doing research, it appears the Sha Amalgamation uses six abilities:

1. Dark Binding. This will banish the Defender for 6 seconds. Nothing you can do about it but survive. It is advisable to use this time to reposition the Sha nearer to unused anvils to make surviving Insanity easier.

2. Meteor Storm. The Sha calls down a rain of meteors that leave pools of bad behind for a short period. Don’t stop moving and DON’T drop them on the Defender since they hurt him too.

3. Shadow Crash. A one-off of Meteor Storm. Don’t stand in it and don’t drop it on the Defender.

4. Shadow Burst. The Sha self-radiates a painful aoe. Don’t stand within 10 yards of the Sha. With a 3 second cast time you should have plenty of time to get out of it. This move also puts a -50% haste debuff on the Defender, so be sure to remove it from him.

5. Summon Leaching Sha. The Sha summons a Debilitating Sha add. This add channels a stun on the Defender. This stun can be dispelled, so make sure to be aware of it. While I am not positive, I believe you don’t have to dps the add if you don’t want to, since the Defender/anvils should kill these off.

6. Insanity. The big move. With a 3.5 second cast time, this long duration channeled spell will kill you. The only way to interrupt it is to use a charged anvil. Since in the final phase each anvil can only be used once, this is the enrage mechanic. Be aware, each time you use an anvil, the Defender’s health is knocked down to 50%. I am not sure what happens if the Defender is below 50% health when you use one, but I don’t believe it will straight out kill him.

Occasionally the Defender will put down a green healing beam on a seemingly random location. If you plan on using this, try not to let the boss's abilities put bad down under it, since it will not outheal the damage taken from the pools of bad.

When the Sha hits 20% health, the spear will show up. Click on it and use your special action button while targeting the Sha. Be aware this appears to be a 5 second cast, so don’t assume it will instantly save you if you are near death.

This is a hard fight. You WILL need to use your cooldowns. Come prepared with flasks/potions/buff foods and talent/glyph books. Having a repair mount is a bonus since you can mount up as long as you res right next to the door.

Above all, be patient. It CAN be done.
That was a pretty good post Daril.

It is a pretty hard solo scenario to be sure. The thing I hated the most was all the hostile npc's could walk right through the anvils and center console. I think it would be more fair if they had run around stuff in the room instead of ghosting straight to me.

I agree though that Blizz should put an Repair NPC at the top of the steps. It would also be nice to give a maybe a minute more before the auto start and Sha respawn. So if people want to change talents or glyphs they will have time.

Looking at how bad they are nerfing all the previous patch steps of this line, I would expect a massive nerf on this encounter within a few months.

In the meantime... just mentally prepare yourself for a tough fight, go in fully repaired, and be ready to tweak your strat on the fly including your playstyle.
Finally got my last secret today. Started up the scenario....and oneshot it! the hardest part was the first fights in the courtyards!

Just follow the mechanics, and this is easy. if I can do it as a 508 holy pally, you can do it too!

P.S. I did use the heal-the-Defender method. Worked like a charm. Also, meteor storm hurts the little sha adds. Did not know that.
To do it as melee, perform perfectly on the mechanics and it won't take you more than 15-20 tries. If you walk past the res spirit, you can mount your repair mount. Expect to do this 3-4 times. Bring gold
Imagine that the Kara chess event had an even more evil older brother. That's the last part of this quest, in terms of "fun". (I would say how I really feel about it, but I'd rather not get a forum ban.) Yes, yes, "legendary questline", "it's supposed to be hard," blah blah blah.

They need to add a quest similar to "Gnomebliteration", only instead of flambeing gnomes, we'd get to flambe black dragonflight whelps.
Stupidest scenario EVER!
Tried 3 stage til gear was ALL BROKE, dont have repair mount. research tells you nothing!
mechanics are thrown at you with ZERO explanation. If I stop moving to throw a heal I DIE.
I finally got my last few stones I needed for 20/20 and thought that the next part would be quick, so I started solo senerio without any foreknowledge of it beforehand cause I'm a glutton for surprises and puzzles to figure out. 3/4 of this was easy peezie, the last part was the roughest irriatation with this game I've had in months. As feral 501 ilvl I realized the green beam placement suxs at times for heals, and there was just no way to survive all the movement, dps and stay alive without running outta anvils. I had to switch between bursts dps as feral and go bear form to survive dmg but still not enough anvils to use.
I have the mount but didn't know I could use it for repairs though I even tried to eat right off too but no good either.

Long story but on my 9 attempt before giving up for the night b/c repairs I wound up downing the sha by luck alone, I happened to use the farthest anvils away from the sha during Insanity working my way towards ones that were closer to me once his health was way down 20%-40% so I didn't have to run far at the end to use one. thou right at the end while I was hitting the xtra button the cast went off right as the sha was casting his insanity, he dies first, I die and the yellow completion note runs across the screen. don't know how but some luck plays a roll in things.

I actually liked the challenge thou for some classes they are sooo screwed with this part of questchain.
Yaaa.. amazing the tank does not tank and as ferel the boss doesn't follow you sow a no go there...heals I didn't miss bout a programmer do this fu.kkin quest ad get back to fixing k it .
I have a 509 ITL, Try'ed to do for few hours. No luck, I hope they nerf it soon. I like the quest line. Way to hard.
I have done this on 3 toons. It was by far the hardest on my 520 frost mage, as I probably wiped a total of 20 times on the Sha Amalgamation, had to take a break before I threw my mouse at my monitor. It was a one shot (but a tad intense) on my offspec enhance shaman with gear about 480, and it was a cakewalk on my offspec shadow priest with gear about 507 (really lower because he shares gear with disc spec and is WAY over hit cap). This quest is very imbalanced, markedly favors dps toons that have self heals and also favors ranged toons that can park near an anvil and not have to run around the room for them.
Everyone knows Blizz loves MDPS.
Got the sucker to 30% but finally got caught kiting while the Defender was banished.
Fortunately have a Jeeves so could repair when my weapons turned red.
Spent 600 g
The Green Healing beam is so pro RDPS and Healer it is ridiculous.
MDPS can stand in it and sometimes hit the Sha, sometimes not...
RDPS can stand in it and blaze away, and
RDPS can still hit while kiting, all a I could do is get a rupture going and run...
RDPS can move to each anvil, while a MPDS has to run to the anvil...
Great Design!!!
Very balanced and fair to all...
I have some swamp land on Isle of Thunder for sale also...
If you had to talk to Prince Wrathion or the Celestial Defender in order to restart the fight after you are resurrected from dying to the Sha Amalgamation (last phase), you would actually have time to eat or change specs/glyphs. You should also be able to port out of the instance during this phase to repair, since not everyone has a repair mount or can summon Jeeves.
I finally got to the end of this scenario and wiped until my gear was broken and gave up. I am a casual player with good gear (Item Lvl 514) and I wasn't even coming close to beating him. I hope they nerf it or my legendary quest line is over.
To do it as melee, perform perfectly on the mechanics and it won't take you more than 15-20 tries. If you walk past the res spirit, you can mount your repair mount. Expect to do this 3-4 times. Bring gold

(I think I did it 40~ or so). If you perform perfectly, it should only take one try, not 15-20. The event is "unbalanced" to say the least. It's possible, but depending on spec, you may need to be way overgeared.
I died 10 times the first time I did this, then I did a little research and found out what I did wrong, and got it the first time when I went back, with a 507 or so ilvl

The secret to it, assuming it works, is that when the Titan is banished, he comes back with full health. So the key to doing this scenario is making sure you don't die. Interrupt with anvils. Run like hell whenever the Sha is on you. Do what damage you can. Your job is to stay alive until the spear is made, not to DPS the Sha down. It's tricky, but doable.
05/14/2013 02:43 PMPosted by Arryk
So the key to doing this scenario is making sure you don't die. Interrupt with anvils. Run like hell whenever the Sha is on you. Do what damage you can. Your job is to stay alive until the spear is made, not to DPS the Sha down.

Very much this.

Melee tips:
- Spec into talents/abilities that provide extra healing or speed boosts. Check your glyphs too!
- Always make sure you know where an overcharged anvil is so you can quickly get to it when the sha casts Insanity. Interrupting Insanity (and thus staying alive) is primary; doing damage to the sha is secondary.
- Remember the defender will do some tanking, so you don't have to take on all the mobs at once.
- The sha casts an AoE ability called Shadow Burst that does a fair amount of damage and reduces your haste for several seconds. It has a 3 second cast time - move out of it.

- Make sure to use Recuperate when needed.
- Glyph of Deadly Momentum didn't appear to work for me when the little adds died, so use something else, like Glyph of Recuperate (increases the healing of your Recuperate ability by an additional 0.5% of your maximum health) or Glyph of Cloak of Shadows (while Cloak of Shadows is active, you take 40% less physical damage).
- Assassination rogues: swap out Glyph of Vendetta for something else (see suggestions above) since it reduces your Vendetta damage and you're not on any mob long enough for the glyph to be useful.
- Combat rogues: swap out Glyph of Blade Flurry for something else (see suggestions above). Your experience may be different, but when I ran the scenario I don't think the adds clustered enough or stayed alive long enough for GoBF to be advantageous.
- Using Shiv when you're specced into Leeching Poison heals you for 5% of your health, so you should be less dependent on the sometimes-not-so-helpfully-placed healing columns. Remember Shiv is on a 10-sec CD.
- Spec into Burst of Speed and spam it when the Sha banishes the defender and starts chasing you. You can also use it on the meteor storm for added safety though it's probably not strictly necessary.

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