The Thunder Forge Legendary Quest

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Obviously I don't have top of the line gear, but I got it on my 8th try. Alot of the placement of the healing stream is bs, 4 times it was in the center under the forge so there was no way to stand in it. I used a couple health pots, bandaged, anytime I was chased I leaped away did ls and parry, basically its getting them down to when the spear pops. then hope you don't get meteor shower right afterwards, otherwise its pretty much game over, just let the defender do the work dps when you can, I was on my last anvil by the damn it spawned.
Ok as an Arms Warrior anyone have any helpful tips because right now I am getting pwnd to the point I might take up Hello Kitty Adventure Island<< :) But seroiusly any suggestions or tips will be appreciated!!!
I died 4 times on this and was already very frustrated. can't imagine how rough it is on other classes/ specs. it most definitely does not seem fairly balanced at all. =(

I was able to beat this as a tank. I did no prior research before heading into the scenario, I'm bad I know. but to throw at least a little hope to others I'm going to say this: when I was in there, I had no idea how the mechanic on the defender actually worked - I did 0 healing or dispels on the defender and did still beat it.

1st attempt I used my bear spec (511 ilevel at the time). ran out of anvils and didn't have the sha low enough to spawn the spear.
2nd attempt I tried kitty (497 ilevel), thinking with the higher dps maybe I wouldn't have issues beating the built-in enrage. I couldn't have been more wrong.. I lasted maybe 20 seconds before I died. went back to bear, kitty was just way to much of a squish factory.
3rd attempt: bear spec. ran out of anvils again but did better than I had on the first attempt.
4th attempt: bear spec. got the spear to spawn somewhere around 24% and beat the thing. THANK GOD. if this attempt had failed I was next going to try food, flasks and pots. also on this attempt I killed the little shas (called debilitating shas maybe?) as they popped out, which I didn't do on previous attempts.
It is a legendary quest chain, I expect it to be hard but it should be of equal difficulty for ALL classes no matter their spec or role. Unless I am able to complete this by healing the Celestial defender I don't see anyway I am going to be able to complete this part of the chain.

just got this done today wiped twice but may i suggest something seeing as i wiped to nalak more then the sha guy lol anyhoo the defender use the forges to interrupt insanity only with anvils be4 the sha cast it period. Then kite meteors and the bolt spell he tosses at you to avoid the knock back yes the defender will reset when the defender goes down i would just kite the sha around the forge blink away rockets boots etc until the defender got his butt back up and started on sha again then stop and resume my rotation. Once again avoid the bolt he tosses and metors and anvil when needed. hope i sort of helped if you can save forges it helps alot i did die a few times be4 once where i ran out of forges once where the spear got inbetween both bosses so clicking it resulted in death aoe mess that was, anyhoo hope i helped some what.

note: : this is with defender at 50 percent health each time"

also note: i rarely used the health beam just used my runes when i could block etc defensive cd's help plz use them in all areas of this fight even when kiting sha if close gl
it is healable if u use your cd's right (loh ftw)
All right, not that I'm an expert, but after two days, 250 gold, and more deaths than I have to even Lei Shen, I got this scenario done. First piece of advice, don't bother trying to spell reflect any of his spells. Just run away. Second, don't go straight for the healing beam as he LOVES to cast his dots in the beam. The beam won't overheal the dot and you'll die. Third, be prepared to die. A lot. I had the spear offered to me at around 33% during a meteor shower, so it took a while to find the spear, loot the spear, then find a place to stand. Observations: this boss took forever to respond to taunt. That really should be worked on. Why did I taunt him? To get him closer to the next anvil so I wasn't running my tin-can derriere halfway across the room on insanities. And of course, Blizzard just HAD to nerf the only self-heal a warrior has at the patch, so most other melee classes will have more luck in the healing department. Bring the best food you can, lots of pots, I admit to flasking, and if you can bribe a warlock for some stones once you get the pattern down, your chance of success will probably go up. Blizzard: not everyone has a repair mount. Do I, yes, but not everyone does. This isn't the World of Faircraft, but to have to start all over again to get a repair in, is punitive.
Having read alot of comment on this all of those ranged dps are totally crap.I can't believe how much they screwed the hole fun for melee and healer on this expantion.As holy paly i can't finish my legendary quest and my dps spec only does 12k.I have no intention spending my hole life on this game just because dev are too stupid to think about what they doing.In fact this whole freaking expantion look like it has been made for lock ...(green fire and multidot is just better in any circumstance specially in Brawlers guild wich is in fact designed for ranged dps...)
I just ran a heroic scenario designed to be run by 3 players of basically any spec/class (though they do require the group be pre-made to queue for these so likely will have tank/heal/dps) and the final boss had far less health than the one in the Thunger Forge quest. I'm trying to figure out just what dev's were on when they decided to put in a boss with 32 million health that we are supposed to solo no matter our spec/class. Not only that but we have a very limited amount of time in which to accomplish this feat or his AoE kills us in a couple of ticks. Must of been some good stuff. Maybe they'd care to share? This should have been a group scenario if you are giving the boss that much health and such lethal abilities.

Poorly designed all around. If we die on the final stage we are in combat with the boss within seconds of rezzing with no chance to get food buffs. If we don't happen to have a Jeeves or a mount with an NPC that can repair we have to leave the instance after multiple deaths. At that point we have to start the entire scenario over from the beginning. Might do well to remember that melee means being within 10yds of whatever we are trying to kill. Melee/tanks spend most of their time running out of bad so have little time to spend hitting the boss. Obviously designed for ranged classes and screw the rest right Blizz?
Having read alot of comment on this all of those ranged dps are totally crap.I can't believe how much they screwed the hole fun for melee and healer on this expantion.As holy paly i can't finish my legendary quest and my dps spec only does 12k.I have no intention spending my hole life on this game just because dev are too stupid to think about what they doing.In fact this whole freaking expantion look like it has been made for lock ...(green fire and multidot is just better in any circumstance specially in Brawlers guild wich is in fact designed for ranged dps...)

It's definitely possibly as a HPal. It's stupid but it's possible.
I must be bugged.

I was melee dps, but also healing the 2 NPCs. As it transitioned into the final phase both NPCs "left the group" and despawned. So now it's just me trying to solo the mob with 32M HP, but the anvils don't interrupt insanity.. gah.
Lakeside, that definitely sounds buggy. The whole point of the anvils in the last phase is to interrupt Insanity.

That said, "Insanity" is an excellent name for that spell, because this seems all but impossible for tanks. We can neither deal sufficient damage to the Amalgamation to get the spear nor heal the defender enough to allow him to do the damage for us. I've died a good half a dozen times over the course of an hour, and my gear was completely broken at one point. I tried quickly switching to my DPS off-spec after the blacksmith phase, but my gear isn't set up for DPS'ing, so that didn't make much difference. I'm going to try to get higher level gear (currently at 503, other posters seem higher) and come back later, but this is simply absurd.

I noticed Blizzard reduced the amount of Valor needed for that (previously) minimum-six-week-long Test of Valor quest, hopefully they'll nerf this too in a couple weeks as well... otherwise I don't have my hopes up for completing this at all.
I just wasted my time on 6 more wipes to this. Tried my dps off spec as well as my tank spec. Because I'm spending 90% of my time trying to stay out of shadow burst and meteors there's no way to actually do much damage to the sha amal. Hey Blizz! Heads up! Tanks and melee have to be in melee range of whatever they are trying to kill. Need to be able to face it too. Having to run away from the bad then run back means we are usually outside of melee range and seldom actually able to face the mob directly to land most of our attacks. The Celestial Defender does jack all damage and is usually banished anyway. Not that big a deal as tank spec but as dps there's a limit to how many direct hits I can take. Had 2 tries where there was never a single green beam in sight. Not sure if they even spawned or if they were in the middle of the forge but in either case the result was the same. Not that they seem to work when they were up. The few times I tried to stand in one I got no healing from them whatsoever. Frankly I might do better as tank without the 'help' of the Celestial Defender. At least then I might get hit enough to build Vengeance.

Stupidly designed. There are bosses in the heroic scenarios with less health than the Sha Amalgamation...and they take 3 ppl to run. This should be a group scenario. Just like the quest "A Change of Command" is a group quest. Tho that one is more like a mini raid.
I did this last night, fury in lfr gear only. I had plenty of deaths getting to him, but I actually found the last guy the easiest bit.

Run out of range of the little aoe shadow spell.
Run and dont stop running from the meteors.
Interrupt his nuke with the anvil.
When the defender has lost agro kite him closer to unused anvils.
Pop your cool downs as you go.

Granted warrior mobility helped, but it seemed pretty good for a heroic quest.

Oh, and I didn't notice any green healing beams so I guess I didn't use them :p

I'm just so glad there is at least some part of this quest chain that is not just mindless waiting on RNG drops or vp / rep gates.

Overall a very average quest chain so far.
FINALLY manged to do this after dying another three times today. I bought a new piece of gear raising my item level to 505, and switched over to my DPS off-spec for the Sha Amalgamation. However, I still have to say my victory was mostly achieved though sheer luck. Sometimes the Amal began casting Insanity almost immediately, meaning I had to use up all my anvils sooner; the time I won he was already down to 80% health when he cast it the first time (thanks to popping all of my cooldowns at once). The Defender also "died" a few times; this is actually a good thing (provided you can stay alive), as he re-enters the battle somewhere from 90-100% health, so he does more damage. Of course this gets partially cancelled once you need to use an anvil, as his health drops to 50% again. The green bars also popped up in more useful locations.

Also, the times I did die, most of my cooldowns reset (a small mercy) however Holy Avenger did not. Going to report that as a bug.

All in all, this was a very poorly designed quest and I wish all other tanks (hell, all of you) the best of luck with it. I'm glad it's over - Nalak has proved to be far easier so far.
im questioning my melee class quite upset right now as i have a crappy self heal a crappier way to kill this guy i cant get the defender to even move into a position to where i can run back while the sha is stunned to even try to do the extra damage...this is three days now i keep getting him to around 30 % ..i know it needs to be 20 % but a melee dps class HAS to be in melee range to do any real damage, not running in circles NOT doing any damage. legendary or not freaking nerf this freaking fight its just plain freaking ridiculous plus either dbm is not exact and doesnt say " hey butthole move cuz theres freaking sha meteors falling on you o wait get stuck on an anvil first and die ..." i can do that pretty freaking well...

anyhoo im pretty pissed off cuz i do want to complete this but im not gonna pay 29.98 for two months because of some high damage output attack that keeps just wiping me for the entire time i read what the legendary dps meta does ...not even worth it to be honest. i dunno if im gonna even continue this quest. i admit i panic at the first sign of insanity and target the defender instead of the anvil too... make it so that never happens and i can probably down this freaking guy lol
how exactly do you kite this defender to where you want him to be
hi,,, woot, just completed the fight with the sha portion.... and as everyone else, died 100 times or less....used a healing potion and bandages, 1 each in the event that was successful.. forget the green healing beam, your too vulnerable.... my final approach was hit and run type... as arms, i would hit him with a couple of ms/s, op/s, slams, one thunder, and run adn run to the other side, then hit with thunder bolt from a long distance. always keeping a mindful eye where the charged anvils are for easy access. while your hiding, dont relax, the sha wilil spit somthing at ya for 143k damage and marks the floor. so be ready to run even if your bandaging. also, he willl send as others hve said, snow balls stuff that falls from the sky... there destination is marked on the floor where they willl land so try and avoid the white spots or stay ahead of them... from time to time, the defender is too damgaed to fight and the sha comes for you... did as above hit and then run.. staying on him while the defender is down is certain death. sha has an area affect thing that hits for about 6 feet around him... there is no warning that i could find so dont stay on him long.. my average dps in raids is from 75 to 100k. but in this fight it was only about 44k.. so dont expect to do a lot of damage... the fight went down to the last anvil.... i am sure its planned that way.. so therer is a lot of tension in trying to do this.. i foiund i had a tuff time finding my dang cursor when i needed to click an anvil.. to add to this, when your running to the anvil the camera angle will or may change which will throw everyhting off. this is due to alll the stuff in and around the room. one change of view can cause you hole perspective to change.. bad enough i had to look for the cursor but then i had to find the anvil after ward.. so the norm is to expect to die trying to get comfortable with the room and moving around it. when the sword came out... there was no warning,, in the heat of running i thought i heard the black princes voice. couldnt make out what he was saying but by chance i looked across the room and there it was... oh man,,,,, one anvil to go wait to do it or go for the sword.... ha ha.. went for th e sword... seemeed like i was being slowed but finally got there and had difficulty clicking on it, only cause of the inssues i listed above with finding the cursor... so i have it. and see the button in the middle of the screen on the bottom and again, its cursor search time.. in the last seconds i find it, click it adn boom its over... almost anti climatic.. the sha could have at least exploded in a millio pieces or something. ggeees. good luck you guys on this one. and just be patient, you will get it.
I've never had my gear go red in years. YEARS. 200g in repairs was nbd but I wish I'd known about the repair mount at the door trick. The courtyard mess was pretty bad too and now I gotta redo that part (prolly).

I'll try again another day when I get over the trauma. =P

e: So I got over the trauma and went back (start over from the beginning). First time, ran out of anvils and Sha was still too healthy. Second time, unlucky turn. Third time, applied more damage but still got deaded but LOOK the screen icon lit up (yay DoTs kept ticking) so rezzed and clicked and Done. Phew.

Then solo'd Nalak (not really) and that part was only one death. Now back to collecting geegaws.
=.= i died so many times as enhance (my os) but then after reading this thread, i hug the door where the spirit heals are, repaired and switch to my mainspec rsham... didnt change any glyphs
i just heal the **** out of the defender and 1 shot =.=
Depressing. I am an ilvl 520 H Pally and I couldn't keep the defenders health that high (he has high health, too). Spamming my biggest heals barely moved his health bar before I ran oom. So the "keep the defender healed" strategy didn't work for me.

The tried many times as ret. I could get him down to 1/4 health, but never saw the sword thingy. I can execute fine, but I would need one more anvil (like others, my off-spec dps is low). I tried not using one anvil on the first insanity, but it overpowered me. Maybe I'll try the speed-boost click-all-the-anvils strategy, but that sounds like a bug they would fix.

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