Bah cant decide!

So I've got a 90 Ret pally that I've had since day one (back in vanilla). I've always loved paladins but the intense change in playstyle from what I was used to has forced me away from it. Seeing awesome geared paladins makes me envious from time to time.

I've set aside ore and epics and stuff to level up an arms warrior in hopes of finding that nostalgia again but I always hop on my paladin for fun.

So now I'm wondering if theres hope for that old playstyle I loved (TBC Ret) in arms or if I'm totally going the wrong way and I should just play my ret and get him geared?

I should clarify: PvE
I don't think you'll find that any spec spends a lot of time just auto-attacking anymore.
Ret pally in BC wasnt about auto attacking that much. There was just a natural flow to it. This new holy power system seems clunky. Like theres waiting for CD's instead of flowing from one skill to the next.
Haste will fix that.
You should be flowing from one attack to the next as Ret. It's very smooth now. But that's dependent on your haste, and with low haste you might feel that it's not. Trust me, it gets better.
I guess what I'm asking is if warrior is as rewarding as the ret Paladin or closer to the ret pally I loved back in TBC.

I loved the big hits that other classes had a hard time getting.
Ret doesn't have gigantic hits, but they have a nice chunk of damage in like the same amount of time it would take a lock to cast a chaos bolt... or something.

I plan on playing my ret again in 5.3 with the sword of light buff.

It really is one of the most fun specs in the game imo. I love ret, just not at this very moment.

Edit again...

Ret is way more fun than arms will ever be in my opinion. I have both, and arms is just very clunky. Definitely an all burst no sustain class right now (kind of how Ret is without gear).

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