LF semi hardcore raid group

ive been raiding in wow since half way through cata, got alot of xperienece, raid aware and know most fights to current and old content raids

recently xfered to frostmourne from jubei thos to continue raiding

looking for a raid group that has at least downed horridon.

Im a 506 ret pally, and Druid is 511

can do most nights except wed and sat nights (even late nights fri)

wouldnt mind if it was a semi pvp guild (also have a resto shaman and druid has a mage for alts runs pvp etc.)

pst below or ingame with any questions inquiries etc. Darkflare#6399
also considering going prot for raids.
507 now
Maybe apply to one of the many guilds recruiting?
none seem to be looking for what we are.
Ok, then next advice would be to sell yourselves better beyond just ilvl, druid's spec would be a start and then maybe some explanation of experience, class knowledge and awareness.
ahh i thought i had mentioned the druid spec, but thanks for the advice :)

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