Which addons are the best for healing?

Are we only speaking of raid frames? In that case most people prefer Grid, Vuhdo, or Healbot.

If you want to learn about other beneficial addons for healers, have a look here: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1715
Grid + Clique + Weak Auras
I use healbot for raid frames, Xperl for myself/main target/focus target. Mouseover macros for most heals and sometimes I used clicks on the healbot frames. I like weak auras also. For priests if you use halo, get halo pro or some other similar addon. The rest are optional.

In pvp I like gladius.

Ive healed for 6 years and over the time Ive developed many complex healing rituals. Lol.
I use Grid + Clique + Weak Auras as well. There is a learning curve to Weak Auras but it is infinitely configurable .

I also use POM tracker and Lightwell Buddy plus the Halo add-on to measure the 25 yard sweetspot for Halo.

If disc you want Ingela's rapture tracker
I use the default UI :) works just fine for me!

Edit: Although, I do utilize Decursive as well as DBM for timers and whatnot
Elvui + Weak Auras + Mouseovers here.

Usually the equation is something like

UI replacement/manipulator so we can customize what we track + Some sort of mouse over macro to save time + something to track our personal CD's/spells with
Vuhdo its a all in one addon

but its more of your personal play style than anything else

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