Seeking possible guild merge.

with lots of guilds recruiting and not being able to fill out a complete team, i'm putting this out there to see who might be interested in a guild merge. i can go into more detail when discussing with the potential guild. tired of the recruitment hurdle when it could suit not only us but another guild also.

please also note the average item level of my team is 510. we aren't terrible, we just can't find the last few committed players to get us where we want to be. we also prefer Horde.

decent players just looking for a good home to combine with to make a great raiding team. post and i can be in touch.
Our guild has recently xferred from alliance. At the last minute of transfers we had a core member bail on us, staying alliance, and our MT poached by another group. Recruitment on horde side, or at least raid interest, is far greater - however it's hard to find consistent players with skill matching their item level, and who can maintain proper attendance.
We've currently got 6 members with ~avg ilvls of 510. 6/12 progression alliance side.
Our current lineup is,
RDPS: Boomkin, Spriest
MDPS: Rogue
Heals: Priest, Pally
Tank: Warrior
Some if not all would be willing to switch to geared alts to complement a proper raid roster. (Cept for that rogue guy)
We would consider merging with appropriate an group.

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