Paladin soloing (old raids mainly)

How are paladins at soloing old raids? How are they compared to blood DK's?

Also how are all three paladin specs doing in pve?
No one is comparable to Blood DKs, paladins do alright in soloing. Better than most.
Highest I've solo'd so far is Uld 10 to Vezax (Mimiron normal is doable, Firefighter not so much).

Naxx 10 with zero problems (1-2 fights went Prot, rest just Ret'd down). OS10 no problems (3D a bit harder, but doable past a certain gear threshold this expansion I'd wager).

Any raid pre-Wrath if mechanics permit, can be solo'd as Ret.
Did trash in ICC up to the first boss in 25 man mode. Then reset to 10 man because it was too slow. Boss was fairly easy in prot spec. Just move out of fire all the time, got an achievement. Lady deathwhisper I got to 13 percent before enrage. Maybe 10ish percent before I died. Problem was I focused too much on adds instead of her shield because I have not done the fight in maybe a couple of years. If I had stuck to her it would have been no problem I think. The buff is present still in ICC, my health was well over 500k, normally it is about 460ish.

My main spec is holy, but I have decent off spec prot gear. I do think for most of the older fights ret is probably the way to go. Because I have hit enrage timers in one bc raid when my gear was much lower. There are some mechanic issues in the last boss of tempest keep, only tried it once on my pally. Also the neverending fear on the last boss of SSC(I think that is the one) makes it hard for a pally to solo. Even with the human racial, you get too many fears to deal with. I am sure there is a way, but I don't know it yet. Also had problems with the first boss of mount hyjal. But I also pretty much just winged it, did not research anything there.
Vanilla Content:
All Solo'd

BC Content:
All Solo'd [Brutallus in sunwell you have to have decent gear then he's cake]

Naxx 10, Solo'd
Naxx 25, everything but Patchwerk is solo'd [but I'm guessing after a certain point in gear he will start becoming easier and can just burst through his enrage phase while keeping yourself up]
OS10 - 3D: Solo'd
Ulduar 10 Hardmodes: Haven't tried Yogg, General just takes time, Thorim is tricky to handle since you have to go up the gauntlet and have someone on the main floor at the same time so you have to do some tricky footwork and tricks but it's doable. For Leviathin you have to use as many vehicles as you can, stack as much pyrite with as much pyrite dropped on ground as you can. Algalon is cake as prot.
Ulduar 25 Hardmodes: Haven't done FL, rest is same as 10m but with more HP.
ICC 10: Burst down Marrowgar, Deathwhisperer, can't solo Air ship, Saurfang is fine with gear, plague wing you burst it all down [don't bother with pools on professor, they stop growing after a certain point and the oozes don't go on you if you're alone]. Princes is fine, after a certain point for Queen, you can kill her in under a minute, just save cooldowns for bite. Frost Wing: Selfless healer for Dream, Sapph haven't tried, LK is fine, dps during transitions and keep yourself up: aoe down the frost orbs.
ICC 25: Haven't tried.
RS 10-25: Haven't tried but would assume impossible to solo.

Firelands: I've only tried doing Alysrazor and you can do on heroic.

Good luck :)
Naxx 25, everything but Patchwerk is solo'd [but I'm guessing after a certain point in gear he will start becoming easier and can just burst through his enrage phase while keeping yourself up]

I was able to get 25 Patchwerk down as prot with enough trash to stack vengeance high.

can't solo Air ship

On normal or heroic? I don't know if the difficulty matters but I was able to do 10 on heroic. It was a close call though, my ship was around 15% when the other one finally died.
Below dks, monks, and possibly hunters.
ICC can be solo'd on Heroic all the way to Gunship, but you'll need some help after that. I killed Marrowgar on 25 in Prot last night. I just stood in the fire for Vengeance dps and wailed on him for a few minutes until I got my Bryntroll.

After that, I did Deathwhisper on 10man Heroic, because I needed a DK-lookalike headpiece. It's very easy if you nuke the adds down quick.

Rotface is soloable, Festergut isn't. Putricide isn't.

Valithria can't be soloed, but Sindragosa can be.

Never tried, but I'm sure the Princes can be soloed. You'll need help with the Blood queen.
Awesome thanks for the replies. I think I have a general idea where paladins stand in the grand scheme of soloing.

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