Addons for healing.

This is my first healing toon and I'm trying to go all out with it. I've been using healbot but honestly thats a fuggin snore. I just installed ElvUI like Icy-Veins said to along with grids etc etc etc.

I was going to see what the most optimal addon set up would be to use.

Should I just use hotkeys and click on peoples names as they get low or should I use a healbot addon and just continue with that borefest?

I just got done setting up ElvUI I think but if there's anything else I should have let me know!
TBH, I would use mouseover macros or an addon such as Clique.
It is all about your own preference try a lot of things and just use what works best for you.

I use Vuhdo.
Use Healbot. Easily the best healing addon out there. It is set up sort of like a raid grid, but when you click on their name you do a certain heal. You can also set it so when you right click you do something, middle click, ctrl-left click, etc. Pretty cool.
Healbot is the prettiest.

Grid is the simplest.

Vuhdu is the most complicated to set up, but if done right, the results are amazing.

Couldn't tell you about Clique.

I use mouseover macros and the ElvUI raidframe ;x
Don't use any addons. It will be the most fun. It's exciting relying on your years of experience and intuition to keep people up.
Vuhdo is the best, imo. It has tons more things to work with than Healbot and has pretty much every grid-addon built in. It also essentially has clique built-in as well, sans the functionality to use your click binds on unitframes, though I never really saw why any one would want to do that anyway. Vuhdo also has clusters so you can set it up to know how many people radiance will it depending on who you cast it on, which is nice.

If you prefer healing with key-bound spells instead of clicks, Vuhdo supports it too.
Don't use any addons. It will be the most fun. It's exciting relying on your years of experience and intuition to keep people up.

Fun is what I'm looking for.

I am using ElvUI which makes the raid frames look nicer and gives me a little better understanding of what buffs people have and what debuffs etc as well as percentages and what not.

I'm just using the raid frames and hotkeys right now and I must say it's a gosh darn blast.

I've gotten 3 characters to max level (2 in cata, this one in MoP) and this is by far the most fun I've had end game. Probably the reason I quit was because DK's are just not fun and I didn't know how to play my rogue XD

But so far using the one interface mod or what-have-you and just hotkeys is so much more fun.

The reason I dont use healbot as suggested above is because it's so boring. It's literally too easy. Sure it's the most efficient but if I'm not having fun, I'm not going to play.
Clique is great for mouse overs for your raid frames. I think it works great on mice with lots of buttons.

I've used heal bot before, then i moved to grid and clique. Now I just use the standard WoW raid frames with clique.

I use the wow steelseries cataclysm mouse with 14 buttons. Three of the buttons near my thumb I assign them as CTRL ALT SHFT.
There are 7 buttons across the top, and this gives me 28 button combinations (7 x 4 ctrl,alt,shft, no modifier)
I still have 4 buttons to spare one is a emergency bop button and the other is a ring finger vent hot key

I've even broken 2 of my mouse buttons and still manage just fine.

TLDR: any raid frame & clique is what I recommend, especially if you have a mouse with lots of buttons.
i use vuhdo and i do pretty well with it only problem is it takes time to set up/figure out.
I love Vuhdo but I use Clique with it (not the internal casting setups) because Clique supports nameplate/hover casting for world PvP. Seriously, if you're on a PvP server, this is a lifesaver.
grid2 + naga mouse. healing at its finest.

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