WTS Teebu's Blazing Longsword/Glorious Set.

As the title mentions, I'm currently looking to sell a Teebu's Blazing Longsword.

Currently taking offers on the sword, which had it's peak drop rate during the AQ gate opening event, and is currently extremely rare(still drops in game). This weapon was featured on the original Wow box(next to the fearsome yeti!), and has a unique graphic, staying the base color, unlike the similar Blade of Wizardry.

Link for the WoW box art: http://i.imgur.com/QUmNp.jpg

For the sword, I am currently asking 100k. I am always open to offers, and willing to negotiate.

As the title also mentions, I am currently looking to sell the Glorious Plate transmog set, seen here(screenshot included):


The set includes 7 pieces(everything but the helm), the pieces seen below.

Glorious Shoulder Pads - Glorious Shoulder Pads

Glorious Breastplate - Glorious Breastplate

Glorious Belt - Glorious Belt

Glorious Legplates - Glorious Legplates

Glorious Sabatons - Glorious Sabatons

Glorious Bindings - Glorious Bindings

Glorious Gauntlets - Glorious Gauntlets

I am looking to sell all 7 pieces as a set, and am currently asking 25k. As with the sword, I am willing to negotiate to an extent, and am always open to offers.

Feel free to leave a reply here with any questions, or send this character in game mail for more information/offers.
What's the lowest you'll go on set?

i just sent you an ingame mail hozu
Sold the set, still interested in selling the Teebu's, feel free to contact me in game, and I'll try and contact ya then.

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