just did show me your moves based on vox immortalis strat guide - aswome guide btw thanks - took weeks of planning and raiding and getting a team to do it and 3 hrs of wiping to execute the strat perfect with vox's weak aura tracker we got the achievement conditions met and killed the boss but no achieve

so we all put in a ticket

whilst doing that I located a post in mmochamp also reporting the bug


I get a BS reply from ticket saying well if its a bug report it under bugs - so I did and pointed out other ppl having problems to and we did meat the achieve conditions that the ticket claimed we must not have because we didn't get it.

so I get a reply ticket saying oh yeh sorry it is a known issue were gana take a while to fix

so I reply saying BS if its a known bug then just award my raid grp the achieve

I get the following gm reply 90 secs mind you from a restart (so my original tickets now gone as is the BS replys) from ZEADOM (GM) who says cant award achieve cause it doesn't prohibit progress in game like a quest does - i'll let that sink in a bit........

Need less to say I was gob smacked - THATS RIGHT - BLIZZ states that game progress is about quests and nothing else!! - I guess I should unsub then because I done EVERY quest in game so I guess i'm done??? (according to zeadom's idea of progress anyways)

I for one completed 97% of the game pre cata by achieves and this KNOWN BUG is holding up my PROGRESS in my meta and achieve & mount tally at a minimum.

ZEADOMS response THIS IS TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY - how dare he declare what my progress in the game is as defined by him as questing as an excuse for BLIZZARDS FAIL rather then fixing the issue and awarding the achieve or removing it from the list or meta at least

needless to say I've put in another ticket regarding this - yeh hes picked a fight & this ones not gana take Blizzards BS lying down this time!


if anyones done this achieve cause you got lucky and it popped or did it and it bugged or any other such replys form a GM - say it here or even contact

It shouldn't be bugged. Basic rule of thumb:

Will of the Emperor has 3 Titan gas phases where you can execute this ach once if not twice per a Titan gas phase depending on your dps. You only need a perfect execution on one of the 3-6 possible tries. Albeit if you're not 100% certain if you obtained the ach or not, then it's best to try and rinse and repeat it 3-5x for one attempt to ensure you do.
Unless you have logs, there's no way for you to prove you actually got it.

I have done this achievement twice (once for 10 raiders then again for like 2 others who can't fit in the 10m lol)
I run a weak aura tracker as per vox immortalis video guide - the tracker works as does the strat - we do the dance twice on ever gass phase - we got a clean run on the 1st att in the 2nd gas phase - so we kill and no achieve - we are certain we got it so yeh its bugged as per other reports in mmochamp

how can I log it? WOL?
of course the GM response was inadequate arrogant and naïve - that's a separate issue to the achieve being bugged that should be addressed as well.
You do realize that using an add-on to track this isn't 100% right?
not using an addon - a weak aura which is 100% right
How does your weak aura even work?

It would have to reset every time the adds start doing the Devastating combo and count strikes on a Jan-xi or Qin-xi only then let you know who failed or if everyone did the strike before the next combo.
not using an addon - a weak aura which is 100% right

Since when wasn't Weak Auras an add-on?
What you need to do is check damage done by spell after every single dance and make sure all 10 people used their extra action button in time. Often people will have everybody successfully dance but not press the button, which is most likely what happened to you guys. I think it does 250k or 500k damage per use, so after the first dance if somebody doesnt have 500k done by the extra action button (i forget spell name). then you need to start over or try again.
once again - its using a weak aura - not a tracker addon like Raid Achievement (which doesn't track it BTW) - granted weak aura is itself an addon however the tracker itself is just an aura not an addon as such and the aura is correct - go to

http://pastebin.com/St3zCVHn for the actual scripts or simply watch it in action on


and yes it does reset after each devastating strike and only counts when a strike connects with one boss (Jan) (with out fail we have noticed as well)

our second attempt we could tell who was missing the strike by simply watching the aura even if they claimed to dance - this was fixed with a spam macro so noone would fail at clicking the button after finishing a successful dance. We regularly got 9/10 with one person stuffing up who we will replace next week (dif grp to week before) - we have also taken to wiping after first titan gas if we don't get 10 strikes since on the OFF CHANCE the 2nd boss (QI) MAY have been out for sequence for the 3rd titan gas when we got 10/10 last??? still doesn't change we are not the only ones reporting this bug and STILL DOESNT CHANGE BLIZZ ATTUTUDE THAT "IT DOESN'T MATER CASUE ITS NOT PROGRESSION"
Tell me more about this bug. Took us less than 20 mins, first time everyone got the dance, we killed them and the achievement was awarded. We just made sure nobody had a debuff from a failed dance attempt when we went for a successful one.
2013 > Expected a GM to be useful > Must be new here.
@ Oddjob - ah thanks for that - its possible we may have had a debuff given we got 10/10 on the 2nd run of the 3rd titan gas - given the 30 sec countdown on the debuff someone may have been ticking the last few secs into the next one and still got 10/10

IF this is the case then its a bug - since we still correctly did the dance and the achieve is not counting it as success.

Given my experience with such achieves its something I hadn't considered and so will factor it in on future attempts.

our other thoughts are that at the end of the fight the 2nd boss may be out of sync with the first by a large margin - with the weak aura tracking strikes we may not have noticed - so we have taken to wiping if we don't get it at the first titan gas 2nd attempt at the most - so ill also keep the other possibility in mind even test it a bit no doubt.

@ bushbull - not sure what you mean - this is the first time in 3 years ive had such a response from a gm who are generally helpful - so not new - the gm on this occasion was being an outright #*@%#**@
UPDATE - FINALLY GOT THE ACHIEVE! - basically incorporated suggestions above so thankyou to all the posters!

After several 9/10s (stupid RNG) and a 9/10 with 10/10 dance - confirmed with skada after we wiped it someone MISSED the strike - you must be facing the boss when you push the freaken button - yes the weak aura detects only successful strikes! <3 - we got it first dance on first titan gas - also confirmed no one had the debuff going into that particular attempt.

Grp comp:

Warr tank x 2 - Qi tank had heroic leap and both bosses tanked awfully close together (some wipes attributed to boss positioning and ppl getting stunned by Qi)

SV Hunter
Mage x2
Shammy (Resto)
Holy Paly
Ret paly (I went ret for it for a change)
Druid Boomy / Resto
Druid - Cat

Thus we had - 2 x roars + Drums of speed + personal speed cds (talented / glyphed) + Darkwater or swift pots.

Roars were used when we got Stomp followed by frontal strike - which is the worst combo you can get - and the rest was up to the individual - we also gave up the option of having priest for leap of faith for QI tank assist (never used it anyways) for a possible 3rd roar via war dps symbiosis (had I needed to tank again it this time).

We did not use the arrow from DBM rather we watched the boss animations and made our own decisions - (direction was NOT called in vent) - also did not "follow" anyone but did mark the cat for those that felt it may help.

If anyone failed they simply said "NO" to preserve cds etc.

We wiped after 2nd attempt first titan gas when we were going for it (in the end got it first attempt as was the ideal goal) NB: we noted the bosses did fall out of sync by the time they got to the 2nd titan gas! - and thus very likely the cause of the bug. We also noted you didn't get the button if you outranged stomp.

we macrod /tar Jan /Use extraactionbutton1 and placed on toolbars - but noted that for the macro to work you had to be facing the boss!

We shrugged of the RNG of the fight and stayed positive throughout - when the 10/10 came we confirmed with logs screen shotted everything did a ready check and took no risks with extra strikes and popped hero on the 2nd titan gas for the kill and the pop. :)

Stats - 8 hrs of frustration and wiping with 20 or so pugs involved + approx. 35 wipes total.

Thank God that's over! (for now).

I'll consider this thread closed (I don't think I'll need to reply anymore) - if you wish to add tips & tricks / grp comp etc pls do - in a year form now (next expac even) there will be groups STILL having fun with this one :)

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