5.3 Glyph of the Battle Healer nerf

Then why not make the nerf only apply to Prot? Personally, If I'm giving up DPS to help heal, it should be worth it.

I also love this glyph when running solo (dailies, etc).
I also love this glyph when running solo (dailies, etc).

The glyph never heals yourself.
Hmm, never used it really but that sort of sucks. Hopefully like several of us have mentioned it becomes a neutral nerf.
It's not a huge nerf for Retribution, but Retribution was hardly powerful with this thing.

I am surprised this glyph is still in the game for protection though. They do insanely high HPS and they still will with the change. Just 33% less basically.
I am surprised this glyph is still in the game for protection though. They do insanely high HPS and they still will with the change. Just 33% less basically.

Battle Healer isn't the overpowered part of our "HPS". (I mean, it's absolutely a very strong glyph, and nerfing it to 20% is definitely a reasonable change that I won't complain about, but it's not really going to change much of anything.)

Sacred Shield's scaling with both Vengeance and Haste rating (mainly the former) is the culprit. It's why we can account for 40-50% of our own healing recieved, it's why we look so nice and shiny on the HPS meters, and it's why other tanks are jealous. Aside from the whole debuff-clearing crap that Blizzard needs to do away with, too.
I know how sacred shield works and it largely depends on the encounter for how strong battle healer ends up being.

On an encounter like Megaera it's really not that powerful, barely 10% of our protection paladins healing. That's mostly because high vengeance lights hammers line up perfectly with each rampage. Battle healer here really isn't that great because during non-rampages barely anybody is taking damage.

However on our Heroic Council where there is consistent damage going around it's anywhere from 20-25% of his healing done. It's pretty powerful for one glyph and represents close to 15k HPS on this particular encounter, and is pretty close to the same HPS that his sacred shield is providing for himself.

It's still going to be high after the patch and instead of doing 15 on council he will be doing closer to 10k with it. Still an incredibly good glyph slot.
Still an incredibly good glyph slot.

Yeah, but I'm not sure how this all equates to "I can't believe this is still in the game". It just seems like a knee-jerk reaction to Prot Paladins are strong - NERF NERF NERF NERF NERF.

They need to nerf our Vengeance scaling to the ground (notably Sacred Shield, although Seal of Insight is also far too powerful) and remove our ability to bubble off tank swap debuffs. That would bring us down to Earth and, in fact, would probably put us around Warriors in terms of total tanking power. (Although it would still be apples vs. oranges because of ShoR mechanics working very well on a few fights.)
It's not a big deal, it's just a scaling nerf.

30% made sense with our previous damage output levels, dropping it by 10% is just to keep in line with the item upgrades we've been getting from Throne of Thunder as well as what we can potentially be getting from the next raid.

It doesn't make the glyph bad, just prevents it from potentially becoming overpowered as we gear up.

I'm not so sure about that. As you gear up, you move to harder content with higher incoming damage. (Not that it really matters, Rets aren't using this glyph in high level PvE anyways.)

And they shouldn't be, I don't think it was ever intended to be a real effective glyph in higher level PvE content. (I use it on Magera in ToT and that's about the only time)

But this glyph nerf won't affect us really in dungeon healing roles except in challenge modes.
The glyph never heals yourself.


You're right. The healing I was getting was from Seal of Insight.

I'll hang up my holy warrior gear and go beg in the streets now.
I actually used it to take a bit of work while I was healing and I'm sure it has helped my groups out of some tight spots. This saddens me greatly. It will be harder to work melee heals now, I guess.

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