Warrior / Monk 2's


New video guys. Just the fun around the 1550 to 1650 mmr gearing up my buddies VERY undergeared Mist weaver monk. Enjoy the video :D

Comment on any warrior tips please. I can always learn something new ;D
Glyph of Heroic Leap is an absolute must for warrior mobility, Glyph of Bull Rush comes in handy too because it allows you to stay in D stance and still gain a lot of rage through your charges. Just suggestions really, but i would reccomend the first one a lot.

Other than that i would take avatar over bloodbath, the DoT damage it puts out is extremely weak and avatar can allow you to burst in some of the small windows you get for a kill against good comps.

Just from my experience :) Oh and also i noticed you switched from DR to Shockwave, so that avatar will help your damage and get you back on track with your damage when you had DR

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