Help with my Prot gear?

Can someone take a look at my gear?

I have been going off of what Ask Mr Robot has been telling me to do, but I saw something today that of the 8 prot pallies that have killed Ra-den, 6 of them have been going full haste after capping expertise and hit. (I saw this on a post on reddit, if there have been more pallies, I apologize)
Your gear is a bit of a mess right now. There are no enchantments, no belt buckle, expertise is below cap, hit is above cap, hardly any reforges....

There's still a lot of basic ground for you to cover before you're ready to get tricky with secondary stats.
Well, the question is: What build are you going for? There are three primary choices: haste, mastery, or avoidance, with haste being most preferred and avoidance least preferred.

So, let me break them down for you, in case you don't know what they do.

Haste focuses on increasing Shield of the Righteous uptime by increasing Holy Power generation. Other benefits include increased healing through Seal of Insight and Glyph of Battle Healer, increased absorption from Sacred Shield, and increased damage output. It's less forgiving than the others, though, because it relies on the player using Holy Power generators as often as possible.

Mastery focuses on increasing the effectiveness of Shield of the Righteous. It will be up less than with a haste build, but reduce more damage while it's up. It also increases your block chance, giving you some passive mitigation, and increases the effectiveness of Word of Glory for the times you might actually use it. Mastery is less preferred than haste because, while it offers similar damage reduction, it doesn't improve your damage output, and tank damage is significant this expansion.

Avoidance focuses on total damage reduction through dodge and parry. This build isn't preferred because, while it does take less total damage than the other two builds, the damage it takes is unpredictable, and damage spikes are much more likely to kill tanks than smoother but higher damage intake.

So, what you need to do is decide on which build you want to follow, then tailor your gear to match it.
It seems like haste is the most viable at the moment. Also, I like the idea of being able to do more dps, and what not. Thanks for the help there Keten!
I would be very cautious about using MrRobot with any tank or healer spec (it's very hit-or-miss with DPS specs as well, but at least is ballpark appropriate). It tends to give "one-size-fits-all" advice, which is useful for people who basically have no idea what any of their stats do and can't be bothered to find out. It serves a niche, but there are much better and more accurate sources of info basically everywhere.

The really undisputable fact is that you need to be hit/exp capped for whatever content you're tanking. Any raid boss (level 83 - that means any LFR boss, normal/heroic raid boss, or world boss like Sha/Galleon/Oon/Nalak) is going to require 7.5% hit and 15% expertise. Technically it won't kill you to be a little under, but these stats are so much better than anything else up to this point that there is no logic point in aiming for that. Do everything needed to reach these caps - reforges and gems, whatever you need. They are very important.

Mastery and Dodge/Parry aren't really that far behind Haste, but I don't see a real reason to value them when reforging or gemming, honestly. I may be wrong about the occasional gimmick fight but in general, Haste is the build you would go with.

I think the big controversy about the MrRobot suggestions are that it just recommends every gem Stamina by default, which (to be fair) is pretty silly for most people.

Without delving too much into tank theorycrafting, there is such a thing as too little Stamina... but no such thing as too much. This expansion, the same can be said of our damage reduction/smoothing stats (primarily relating to Haste, since that is our alternative gem). Many tanks on the bleeding edge of progression are adjusting their Haste and Stamina levels because they live with the reality of getting two-shot if they or anyone in their raid play imperfectly (or, really, some fights are just stupid and like to two-shot you anyways), so it's necessary to gem tons of Stamina for that content.

Is that the case in 5-mans, LFR, world bosses, and entry-level normal modes? Well... no. Stamina is always a useful stat, but when you're comparing gem budgets (320 Haste versus 240 Stamina) it typically doesn't make a lot of sense to just go all-in on the Stamina when you can get a lot of damage reduction/smoothing out of the Haste gems.

That's why most people have a visceral reaction to Mr. Robot's gemming suggestions even though they make logical sense on some level for some tanks.
Hey there, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. We worked with Theck on the tanking stat weights, here's his latest post about stamina:

We also offer 3 presets for Paladin tanks, one that favors Mastery, another Haste, and another avoidance. So be sure to select the one that suits your play style and raid progression. Keten gave an excellent summary of each of the options!

And, if you STILL don't like the preset choices, you can customize the stat weights any way you'd like. The optimizations (and gear rankings) are all just math, based on the stat weights. So as long as you're using the weights you want, you'll get the optimizations you're expecting :)
You can feel free to read the comments on Theck's series of stamina posts for my opinions on his work. Smart guy, but too quick to jump from "this works for hardcore raiding" to "this is what every single tank should be doing", and the models/math he presents don't actually make any logical sense.

But okay.
Hey there, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot.

And, if you STILL don't like the preset choices, you can customize the stat weights any way you'd like. The optimizations (and gear rankings) are all just math, based on the stat weights. So as long as you're using the weights you want, you'll get the optimizations you're expecting :)

And this right here is where the problem lies with your website. The people that need the most help more than likely don't really know too much about their stat weights, so they will use the pre-sets which has them gemming full stam even in the Control/Haste pre-set.

There's a reason posters on the Tank Forum advise against using your site.

Back in Cata, it tried to tell me Bedrock Talisman was my BiS trinket. ROFL

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