BAYERN MUNICH beats BARCELONA with ugliness

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It was like watching the Patriots beating the Colts in the playoffs a couple years back. Anytime one of the skill players of Barca would get the ball Bayern Munich would run into them with their bodies neutralizing the finesse play of Barcelona. Sure there looked to be some handballs, but come on that pick Muller put on Jordi Alba was ridiculous. Gomez's goal was obviously offsides. And the 4th goal was just cause Alba was pissed he kept getting man handled and was not getting any calls. You foul Messi twice that should be a yellow card. You can't just keep stopping the flow of game and the counterattack by running your body into Barca's smaller players. God that was ugly. Ref take your head out of your...
Also thanks Pep for giving the strat to defeat Barcelona... you also killed Spain in the World Cup. I guess that's good for us in the USA ;D
Saw it man, tough game for Barcelona, i still cant believe the score.
Saw todays game of Real Madrid? oh boy, another slap to the spanish clubs.
These german teams are pulling some serious stuff, at least todays 4-1 had more legit goals.
Totally agree on you, not all should have counted. (For Bayern)

Lets see what brings the 2nd round of Semi finals
Cheers mate
Bayern Muenchen is a powerful team, not sure why some people think its a low skilled club. That team has deep pockets like the New York Yankees. They can afford to buy the best players in the world. Have to say, Spain had alot of luck last world cup, looking forward to next year 2014. I just don't want Brazil to win. :)

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