Coming Back

Coming back to the game because my GF wants to try her first MMO. Anyway when she's not playing I'll probably be leveling up my pally. How do RET paladins fair in pvp so far? I just need something to keep me occupied until EQN.
Not complete !@#$ but not at the top of the tier.

If you like being a good support you'll love it, and you'll be loved for it.

Just try to enjoy it as best as you can and have fun!
It's something you have to be good at, if you're bad at utilizing the pally class as a whole and tunnel vision dps and mashing cooldowns. You will fail.

Protip: Don't tell her how to play, just let her have fun.

Also lawbringer, with that helm, and judgement kilt. None of it matches it just looks like paladin vomit 0 style points awarded.

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