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From Accounting is recruiting one ranged dps for our 1/13 main run prefer boomkin. Raids are Tuesday-Thursday 6 PM-9 PM server.

We have a second run that is currently 8/12 recruiting as well. Variety of dps needed so we can stop pugging. Saturday 1:30 PM 4:30 PM server and Monday 6 PM-9 PM server.

Contact myself, Rachealray or Gadgetz for more info.

Still need a Warlock.
Didn't know you lovely people were still here.
Hey cutey pie! Haven't seen you in a long time. Come boomy for us (or resurrect your hunter) and carry us thru RBGS for old time sakes ^.^.

12/12 ToT now, starting heroic's this week, pst me (or on Rachealray) if you are looking for a fun group of gey guys to play with.
still need people
Still need more folks.

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