Hands of light?

So i use recount to see where i am on the dps charts and i always seem to be on the bottom, but i noticed other pallies their main damage is from hands of light which does not even come up on my top 3?! can someone tell me how i can change this?!!!
Your enchants are god awful, and it looks like the enchants are more expensive than the real enchants.

This will help you change that. There are multiple problems with your character, that guide goes over all the basics that you need.
cant tell if troll or just retard

your sword...is enchanted with....spirit....you have gem that gives.....+5 str and +6 stam at lv 90...your a mix of pve and pvp...your enchants are god awful...why are you bottom of dps?


FYi, just because you followed noxxic's guide does not mean you are gonna be top of dps

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