Do we need tanks in dungeons?

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For those of you who are going through the same thing and understand where I'm coming from...thanks. It's nice to see I'm not alone. Btw, I no longer run dungeons as a tank. That !@#$ got real old real quick.

I LOVE tanking at lower levels I have a prot warrior that I stopped xp on just so I could stay in the BC instances for a while, its gonna happen but honestly the best way to learn is to go ahead and pull multiple groups when pretty much everyone is in BoA's. just tell them to wait to dps until you stop then throw out your AoE's and tab around for your single target hits,with how OP vengeance is you will find yourself topping the damage meter and holding aggro on everything pretty easily. Sadly that will generally work in heroics at 90 also, it may not work as well in regs while leveling from 85-90 but once you hit heroics and have people who are way over geared it will become that kind of faceroll again
Pretty much correct.I had a Scholo last week where the DPS were all doing 150K. The tank (doing about 10K) nasally whined that if people didnt stop pulling he would leave. Well, he did leave. We just finished with no tank. Entire run time was under 12 mins.

I currently have a 90 warrior tank, pally tank and bear tank. I'm leveling a monk tank. But I 100% absolutely refuse to que as a tank in lfd while leveling him. Its simply not going to happen. So guess what - when I hit MoP I'll have 0 experience tanking on him when I queue up. And the dps can blame themselves.

My mage and a guild DK duo'ed heroics at item level 470-ish. It wasn't hard to do either.

Tanks do keep things organized. Mostly, since a healer can't put out heals for 4x people all taking hits, the one person taking works best.
If you're in that situation where the DPS is pulling like crazy and can handle the carnage, then that's the sign to don your own DPS gear and start going to town.

I've had this happen in a few 90 Heroics when the healer was telling us he was practicing for raid healing so he told the group to go crazy. We were chain clearing instances in under 10 minutes.

This doesn't mean that Tanks are unnessecary or are no longer needed. Removing the "holy trinity" would be removing one of the few things holding this game together.

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