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This isn't a thread about removing inquisition from the game...

It's about adding MORE inquisitions to the game! I'll pause for a moment now so everyone can go grab their socks that were just blown away.

If we had say 3 versions of inquisition; the one we have right now as a damage buff,
a separate and non stacking 30 second buff that adds passive survivability at the cost of 3 HP,
and a separate non stacking... hmm ... maybe a buff that gives near by team mates free pie?

It doesn't really matter what the buffs are. The point is having three short buffs that cost holy power that we could choose from based on the situation would add more depth and complexity to inquisition making it feel really rewarding when you choose the right one, instead of a normal boring buff to monitor and re apply.

Also take inquisition off the global, that would be great xD
They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and I think this idea might just be crazy enough to work!
It could work....

But most likely 2 of them would end up being useless/not viable and then we would only use one anyway. Not going to mention any names...Seal of Justice....
I'd rather have a 15% passive damage mitigation on Seal of Insight instead of having to play Active Mitigation Tank in PvP as a DPS spec.

However, I commend your creativity. I never would have thought of that.

30% Damage Mitigation Inquisition

30% Damage Bonus to Holy Damage

30% Healing Bonus

Hrngh. Sounds like a resource-based stance system. It'd be more efficient to make our current stances worthwhile than create new Inquisitions. It would be nice to have on-demand bonuses for something. We already have the seal system-- I feel that's a sufficient place to start.

10/10 for a creative idea that can spur good discussion.
An Inquisition thread that isn't absolutely terrible. Color me surprised.
Free pie? That's my job!
04/23/2013 08:07 PMPosted by Sevën
Also take inquisition off the global, that would be great

I'd prefer THAT over everything else you mentioned.

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