[H] <Negatory> 10m 2/13H lf raiders!

Area 52
Negatory is a casual guild which raids current content. We are currently looking for a few members to fill in our raid roster. That said, please bare in mind that we are seeking a GUILDIE, not a raid robot. We are not interested in a player who will only appear online at raid time, we want active players who are social and mesh well with our existing group.

Currently Seeking:
    - prot paladin
    - warlock
    - mage
    - boomkin (w/ resto offspec)
    - considering several other classes/specs as well

Raid Schedule:
    - Wednesday, Friday & Monday: 7pm - 11pm EST

    - ToT - 2/13H
    - Tier 14: 8/16H

What you can expect from us:
    - an active guild with plenty of social opportunities
    - a progression-minded raid team
    - 24/7 guild repairs
    - feasts provided
    - some assistance with gear enchantments and flasks/potions
    - lady voices in the Ventrilo

What we expect from you:
    - knowledgeable in your class (all specs)
    - research fights in advance of new raids/encounters
    - willingness to make adjustments to playstyle upon request
    - gear properly gemmed/enchanted/reforged at all times
    - prepared with flasks and potions
    - not a douche

Please seek out Yummies ingame for more information. Any member of Negatory should be able to direct you to me, should I be on an alt. You may also add me on Real ID: Yummies#1193.
If you need a Frost 2H DK, I'm looking for a new server/guild to go to, Msg me ingame, Rememorizing#1934
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