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So Psyched! Got my 20th "thingy" turned it in and got the "The Thunder Forge" quest. Met Warthlon, started it, no problems on phases one and two. Phase three however, I am simply just not putting out enough DPS to kill the final sha before I run out of charged forges.

Now mind you, I'm not a scrub, currently a 507 ilvl pally tank (look me up) who can manage around 68K in the raids.

Certainly the intent of this scenario is not to discriminate against folks who prefer to play non DPS spec's.

Please review this scenario, I just can not for the life of me believe this is how Blizz intends for this one to be run. Put another forge, make the forges recharge (hell make it be the one furthest away if you feel put out by this request), but please re-look this or offer some alternative to thoes of us who love the challenge of playing non-DPS spec's.
It seems sort of overtuned in general. As windwalker I was able to kill him before running out of anvils, but it too so many tries my gear almost broke.

The celestial guardian's little healing beam seems like a death trap, especially for melee. The mob puts it in some little corner and heals so slowly that you're likely to take more damage standing in it due to all his zones/inability to do mechanics than heal.
I agree that this needs to be toned down. My main spec is healing, I have a dps spec, but my gear is not great. I simply cannot put out enough dps to kill the final sha.
My gear and weapon broke I died so many time's, this is the first time that has ever happened before and a 200g repair sucks. This really needs to be toned down.
For healers: i can see this being an issue, but why is this in a bug forum? its not a bug if its "working as intended' you might have better luck in "cry me a river" general forum (thats where i go!)

Also, its fairly easy: Burn all Cds at start and nuke, stand near one anvil, use on INSANITY, when protector is down, taunt him, and move him to the next anvil down tier: RUN from the meator shower: back away from shadow crash so its not in healing ray, watch for shadow..burst? i want to call it: repeat. Fairly simple designed.

ah but your doing it as a tank eh? hm might be not so much fun, but, i would still see it as doable.
What the OP is saying is that as a tank his DPS is not high enough to kill the boss before using up all the anvils, resulting in a wipe.

One of the big thing is the Celestial Defender. His DPS increases the higher his health percentage is. As a tank you could keep agro on the boss so the defender stays at high health and thus high dps. The problem is using the anvils to interrupt the wipe spell apparently resets the Defender's health to 50%, reducing his dps. If Blizzard would remove this the strategy I've listed would be much more effective.
Wow, Xozus, and here I thought you would 1shot this. Dams, didn't think it would be difficult to stop a pally tank.
Blizzard, give me like 14 more secrets so I can join in the fun and get some insight to help my fellow tank!
Once I am there, I will give my information into the fight and help you out....if I can. Of course, as a tank.
GO GO Lost Raiders Co.
Thanks all for the support.

I am still convinced that this is simply an oversight on Blizz's part. Very well designed for a DPS spec...not so much for heals/Tanks.
I tried this scenario today, 508 geared-ish...died so many times that my gear all broke and I had to leave the scenario to repair. Not sure I'm going to be redoing it any time soon.

I agree with the point that the healing beam is a death-trap.

I don't want to turn this into a QQ post or anything, because I understand that this is supposed to be challenging...but yeah...even following all the mechanics I was dying in ways that seemed random.
Not having much fun with phase 3 myself, taking a break before starting again.

BTW, I too took major gear damage and discovered if you stand right on the door by the spirit, you can mount. so, if you have a repair mount, you're golden. No need to restart the scenario.

Cheers, and good luck!
The mechanics aren't optimized for an average laptop with an average graphics adapter (set to low) as this is what it was narrowed down to. Inso troubleshooting this with the GM, the scenario locked at the final phase....thus forcing me to start over. GM's can't place you at any one particular phase (probably need to get that addressed separately). Biggest part of this final phase is the inability to repair as you rez right back into combat (not logical behavior). If you are a lucky few that can hearth before getting interrupted, you now present yourselves with a situation where you may very well have to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Would be nice to have determination stacks to offset "average" graphics anomalies in addition to be able to pull up a repair mount before the final battle.
Bemeloc, don't run towards your corpse to rez, resurrect at the spirit by the door, if u have any repair mount u can press against the door and mount and repair. Just a helpful hint.

Finally downed it on this toon, I died countless times, what I did was
- Prefight, Flask and use 300 stat buff food
1. not use the green healing beam (bring Potions if u are fortuanate to not be reading this in the instance and also bandages (if u find the time to use em, I didn't)
2. keep moving as much as u can avoid stuff on ground
3. when in doubt hit anvil it stuns him (pump dps as soon as he is stunned)
4. grab lance as soon as prince makes it avail and click extra action button
5. pray

im really dreading this on my mage
word of a ghost don't walk thru the door n rez outside...its a bad idea -_-...also yesterday failed so much doing this...going in today with flasks n pots n try hard foods....wish me luck...i hope its easier for my spriest, prolly will be as she isn't a tank...but yeah this scenerio is BS if ur a tank or can't pull a ton of dps
I've reached gear failure a couple times vainly trying to do this on my priest. I can get through the penultimate phase by healing the celestial defenders, but just don't have enough dps in my off spec to down the boss. I've gotten to the lance, but never seen it.

Is it Blizzard's intent to have us queue in lfr's as dps rather than heals?
Way overtuned. 504 holy pally, wasted 170g trying it today. I'll hang out until I see it get nerfed. Challenges are good; this is insane.
Did the exact same thing as Xozus. Got my 20 secrets, hit the scenario, did first combat easy, took two tries on the second, then a frustrating quit on the third after incurring 200 gold in repairs. Healing beam despawned before he cast his first damaging ability, and when it respawned three abilities later, I was already dead. Even with my one self heal, bandages, a lock rock, a potion, and every avoidance skill I have, I never got the final boss down to even 33%. Now this isn't a gear issue. Unless I somehow become magnificently attractive to a primo raiding guild, I'm going to be in my lfr gear till the next best thing comes along, and 509 isn't a bad level to be at. I admire the mechanic. This is legendary level stuff. I appreciate that it is supposed to be hard. But for a class that has no ability to heal the defender in any substantial method, this quest isn't really possible. Either have the anvils on a slow respawn, increase the heal beam percentage, or let the defender heal in the beam too. I'd take lower defender dps if it meant he'd live longer.
wow im 513 item lvl and ive tried a bunch of times the final sha is unrealistic to beat this should be 2 man

wow im 513 item lvl and ive tried a bunch of times the final sha is unrealistic to beat this should be 2 man

A great suggestion - either that, or tone down the damage output for those of us who can't do massive heals to survive this.

6 attempts were enough for me on this toon. Barely managed to complete it on a spriest, who died 6 times before completing it. Won't be worrying about the legendary questline on any other toons now - this is the dealbreaker for me.
well I have been trying this for a while I am a holy priest item 512 and can not even come close to doing any damage to him. most likely will have to wait until I get my gear up for shadow befor I can try again
Heal the guy. Worked for me. The more you heal the protector the more damage he does.

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