What is it about warrior.....

The keeps drawing me back. I have a 90 prot pally that is very easy to play. Once I started tanking on warrior I havn't been able to stop. Gotten a bunch of levels in just a few days. It's not the fact that shield slam is incredibly over powered as it'll get nerfed here soon. It's not the fact that I'm wearing boa's as I've leveled a warrior to 60 before without.

It's just plaing fun. I just can't put my finger on it. I love tanking but this class has me coming back each and every time. I like the charging ability the most. Picture this...you're running through a dungeon/raid.......and see the groups of mobs ahead knowing they're standing in your way. Eye's glared...focusing on each of your targets. Then.......ZOOM! You're in there face faster then they can recognize who you are. XD I love it. Plus with a propter glyph you put a trail of fire behind you.

Please tell me. Does warrior get better as I get higher in levels? Because right now...I've never had so much fun playing a class before. Not even my pally.
It's normal. It's called charge, and it's fantastic.

To answer your question, yes, we're quite competitive across all specs in PVE.
chain pulling pretty easy on a prot warrior in early dungeons, especially with double time. We're definitely dependent on the healer however, unlike Paladins.
But no offense as I've played a paladin since BC. They get boring. :( Literally do the same exact rotation over and over. It's nice yes....but just boring after awhile.
Because if your like me and lvled a warrior during Vanilla Wow, you formed a special love/hate relationship with your warrior. That no other class truly had to endure, warriors were soooooo gear dependent it was sickening. Nothing was worse than having a couple of caster mons on you and one would run off bringing back a couple more. Needless to say, you die a lot, a whole lot. It was frustrating to say the least.

Then one day, ya ding 60, you acquire gear and every piece turns you into a killing machine and like that, all that frustration is gone. the deaths and work makes you appreciate what you now have. The most iconic class in wow lore, a pvp giant, a force to be reckoned with and a crap ton of fun to play. Warriors rock, enough said.
Not sure about pve, but if you pvp there will be days where you will feel frustrated all day pvping lol. Like you get someone that has been a !@#$% to you all game in a bg or something down to 20% hp and you don't have enough rage to execute then comes a dk out of nowhere and deathgrips him and kills him...like fkkkkkkk

Not just that, but they gave a ton of classes abilities that are exactly like execute and sometimes better.

All snares and slows and stuns can be really really annoying, also in mass pvp areas you charge someone and then get deathgripped away from your team evern further and get rolfcoptered lol making you regret charging in the first place and if you don't charge all casters dot the crap out of you and you your damage/kills.

But don't lose hope, then there are days when you enter a random bg and get a holy paladin that keeps you healed and gives you freedom and you just slaughter the hell out of the enemy team and remember why you still like being a warrior.

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