Can you offer Arena advice and tips?

I know a lot of people hate 2's and think they are pointless but I like playing them the most. I play along side a resto druid who is a real life friend of mine. We are not elitists in the least and we know we aren't great. we arena when we can.

What comps do you fellow warriors out there face the most and how do you handle them?

the classes I hate the most when I am playing along side my druid friend are generally classes that can fear. Warriors do better against being feared but druids do not. locks and priests I hate.

if there is any people out there who run arms warr/resto druid and can offer insight and guidance it would be much appreciated.

sorry if this seems vague, with so many class combo's I didnt really know how to narrow it down.
Against double melee (when you're playing double dps) with sweeping strikes and cooldowns you can easily put out 600k damage with bladestorm (pre tclap for deep wounds) all the while being immune to cc.

Generalization of what you should do: Since you're mainly playing with a rdruid, setup kills by forcing enemy defensives (have your druid cc chain non kill target with cyclone and disorienting roar/bash) Try to put as much non-offensive cd using pressure out as possible. If something like dispersion / any practical immunity goes out on that target then you've accomplished your goal.

Wait for Dr's to fall(15~ seconds after last cc falls off) then setup another cc chain. This time with cyclone - > your fear -> bash/roar -> cyclone. During the time use your offensive cd's and try to land a kill on your target that you forced a disperion out of earlier.

That's generally how the ideal 2s against a dps/healer team would go.
Against double dps, just expect a ton of burst so play defensive from the get go unless you're comfortable putting out counter pressure. Although in most cases as healer/dps against double dps. If you live the first 2 minutes you should have the match.

Also grab safeguard rather than mass spell, MS is fairly predictable and it is out shined by safeguard in every imaginable way. Disrupting shout isn't too bad to take either against a healer comp since being able to line up a pummel - > Disrupting -> warbringer/shockwave stun - > pummel is a strong period.
Here my advice. Invite FDK to your team 2s. then compare the DPS result in the end.

Blizz don't care about warrior.
Don't play a warrior, they are garbage. Their damage is crap, all their abilities are outdated and the rotation is terrible and boring, you never have rage to execute something. Who the hell decided that piercing howl can't be baseline? Oour talents suck, our glyphs suck, there is nothing interesting about this class. DK's truck us on damage, every other class has way more burst / dmg / utility.

What do you expect from the same people that brought us Ring of Peace? Honestly, they thought that is balanced but 10% dmg reduction as 4set is just tooo crazy. So we can just have a useless 4 set while we're at it since they made some 2200 wep enchant that sux. But hey every tard can T2 now. retards rejoice.

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