[Bug - Mobile Armory] Cannot buy AH items

Mobile Bug Report

This bug report is concerning the WoW mobile armory app, specifically using the auction house. If I am in the auction house section and press the "Buy" button, it hangs for a second or two and then closes out of the App completely. This happens every attempt. The only way I can buy things in the AH from my phone is by clicking the "Sell" button, finding what I want to buy in my inventory, and then buying it via the "similar auctions" section. So in other words, I cannot buy anything unless I first have it in my inventory.

Apple iPhone 5
What OS version and Mobile Armory version? Does it crash every time you do this or does it take some time before this occurs? Has it crashed in any other area of the AH or other pages of the Mobile Armory?
Sorry for not providing all of this information upfront. I was unsure of what all was desired.

OS Version - 6.1.3 (10B329)
Mobile Armory version - 5.2.2 (did this for the past few versions as well. About 5 months ago it was working fine, however.)

It does crash every single time I do this. As soon as I press the "Buy" button it hangs for about 3 seconds then closes the app completely.
It also crashes if I try to use the "show more results" button at the bottom of the scenario I mentioned in the original post for how I current have to buy items(similar auctions section).
We're working to resolve this crash issue. Thanks for the additional information, Ovi.

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