[A] Ret, Rogue, Hunter, Blood and MW LF Guild

Hello, we are a group of folks who have been raiding together since Cata and our current guild has been on the decline for some time now. Mostly issues with attendance have been holding us back from raiding and progressing on a more consistant basis and we are looking for a new home. We are looking for a guild that can take all of us as a group, our ilvl is at 500+ and currently our ToT experience is limited at 2/12.

-Prefer a 2 day/wk schedule Tues-Thurs, Mon and possibly Sun 8-11:30CT
-Prefer 10m over 25m

Please contact me for more info.
Or you can contact me for more info :-)
Add me, we can talk. Jorganski#1145
Still Looking

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