What is with the rng for Secrets of the Empire?

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I've been fullclearing ToT since the third week, and before the start of this week I've killed a total of 71 distinct bosses in ToT (I'm aware that we can only get one from a boss a week).

All I have to show for it after 7 weeks is 17 secrets. That's an average of 2.4 secrets a week!. At the start of this week, I was sure I'd get the last 3 I needed, but I only got 2 secrets after killing all 12 bosses in LFR.

Is this the intended drop rate? This is ridiculous, most people I know got their meta 1-2 weeks ago, and I will have to wait until next week.
I've been in for every single throne kill.

Never a missed day, never sat on a fight.

I did a full LFR yesterday and barely got my meta (last secret off of the last boss.) About half the raid got them a week or 2 ago.

Our first meta is the person who sat the most. RNG is RNG
I have 4. How can you complain about having 17.
The funny thing is when I got my 20 last night off of Jin'rokh, I got 2 more on the next three bosses.

Oh Blizz, how you toy with me.

But yeah, !@#$ty RNG, WOO!
I've still only got 11 :(
What is the drop rate supposed to be? I'd be surprised if it was more than 25% per boss.
Killed Lei Shen week 1, sure I've sat my share of bosses, but I've generally caught the lost chances with LFR.

16/20 =(
i got mine last week. random is random nothing you can do about it.
i got 6 in 10/12 lfr, i feel bad now :c
The Titan Runestones you need to collect are even worse. Don't worry
15/20, full clears every week. Guildmate that started a new character at the start of the tier and has been on the quest for 2 weeks is about to pass me. Its really annoying.
Makes you feel any better, this is the first week I've been on that quest... 12/12 LFR... 4/12 normal(continuing tonight). I've gotten zero.
The Titan Runestones you need to collect are even worse. Don't worry

These give no measureable gain at the moment, though, since we don't know 5.3's intended release target.
Got 7-8 last week. Needed 1 this week... got it on Durumu >.>

LFR seems to have a lower drop rate. Players from my group who avoid/don't run LFR already have the legendary.
Well I'm up to 17, and have 4 more bosses left to kill this week (the system should give a chance at those once per boss in lfr or regular raids).

From what I've heard though you need a ToT helm to use the meta... so if I don't get one, I'll just have one sitting in my inventory like the sha touched weapon was for a while.
I have 18 on this toon and i have been doing it only in LFR for 3 weeks.
im not the best player so im not clearing tot quiet yet. been relying on lfr to get the majority of my kills past tortos. im at 19/20. its all rng. my lock has 15 and has only done lfr for 3 weeks now.
Titan Runestones might not be much better. 0 this week and 1 last week.
had 5 one week, none another week...feels like playing the lottery
oh no not 17 how sad i feel for you i only have 5 but im sure if i had 17 i would be so sad.

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