What is with the rng for Secrets of the Empire?

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios

Two weeks full LFR clear.

Hopefully doesn't take too terribly long but at least I have a hat to stick it in. I guess.

I'd really like to get the entire thing done in current tier. I didn't get the 5.1 phases done till ToT came out... :/ The 6k valor was the block point. I just burnt out lol.
finished it in 3 weeks on my rogue, all from lfr
The next step is way worse.... can we quit so much RNG already, its lazy
One way or another, they will force you into the grind they want you to live. I agree with Delalina, it IS a lazy way to get people out and about...

"I know, how about we get them to do the same content over and over again to be able to advance in critical game content, but then frustrate the hell outta them by making them have to do it for weeks on end!"

Myself, I'd rather see GOOD content once like the Prince Anduin story line than see the same content over and over and over and over and .... you get the idea.
One last week.

Two this week.

Not happy.

Maybe be done by September...
Just wait until you have to get runestones which only drop from the last half. Thankfully they put a 100% drop on the last boss because I've had three weeks of zero runestones otherwise.
third week on the quest for me. First week I had to re google the item because after 9 bosses I still had zero, and 1 after pinnacle of storms. Week 2 I was up to 3 (full clear), and week 3 I got another 1. I received one from Lei Shen each time. RNG sucks, but unfortunately what am I going to do?

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