(H) priest seeking a raid group

know all 3 specs, 2/13h kills. plays decently. 515ilvl - not that it matters

about me:
i research fights, read forums on my class, little fruity but also a little OCD. i like bad jokes. i love <Hell> but to be honest there wasn't enough room in the raid for a 3rd priest. took a chance and joined <Swims in Lava>. Didn't work out so well.

I have been playing since vanilla and raided in vanilla but went priest during SSC in BC. Been raiding ever since. I love 25man but will do 10.

what am i looking for:
fairness and communicative raid environment focused on clearing content. raid cannot be any earlier than 7pm or later than midnight and rather not raid more than 3 days a week as a regular rule. am reliable at showing up including on a bonus night if close to a kill/quick finishing clear after progression.
Hello Glimmer,

Outraged is currently looking for a solid ranged DPS for our progression into ToT. We currently have 1/13 down and should be 2+ very shortly.

We have an immediate spot available to earn with solid dps/raid awareness. We run 3 times a week (Wed, Thurs, Sun) 8:30pm - 12 am Server.

Toss me an in game mail or add me Silverkin#1503


Still looking around.

@silvergard i did pst the druid in your guild the other night when i saw the ad, but didn't get a response.
Hey there!

Birth of Tragedy is looking for another DPS for our 10m raids! We are about to start progression on Hard Modes next week, unfortunately lost a player that set us back a bit.

We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs from 6:30-10:30 server/PST.

If you're interested, send me or anyone online in the guild a message!

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