about 3s

well im just starting to get into 3s hard core after i finish getting trinks, well i was wondering if ret pally hunter and healer does well...either dis or resto druid as thats wat the poeple im going to play with are...i understand after my burst my main role is to keep my teamates with mobility and keeping them alive(support). but i was wondering with new 5.3 buff to ret dps with sheath of light increase in dmg, will that help out to where inbetween those 2 min i might be able to do some dps in between HoS, HoP, and devotion aura.

any tips in 3s will also help as i dont see to many ppl pvping as ret
that comp should do as well as most I would think although keep in mind that most good teams will train you quite a bit so most of your support will be going to your partners to help them keep you alive.

Most of Rets issues are on the survivability side not the damage side although the extra damage always helps us blow stuff up faster.
well i tend to get trained quite a bit, in 2s with my healer we aready reached 1400 rating but left due to conquest point cap and now need only one trink...so shuld i get increased health trink or increased strength trink with my macro...strength is 3k plus, the health is 40k something extra health...wat do u think is better

im leaning towards more of a increase strength trink upon use for the controlled burst...
I prefer the str trinket.

Also I wouldn't get frustrated if you don't get to insanely high rating as right now it is hard to get very high especially in 2's. I know people that had 2500 in 2's in Wrath that cant break 2000 in 2's this season.

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