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Shattered Hand
I have been playing WOW off and on since launch. I have been doing arena with a close friend but I would like to do more.
Group BG's
3's Arena

With that said I am not sure I am all that good at PvP but I do like it. My priest is disc and I want to fill out my gear appropriately but I doubt I am undergeared.

I am 1500 capable and before I left I got as high as 1850, but I am sure that was my partner dragging me up the ranks.

If you have a PvP guild or even a group I would love to try to be apart of it.
Hey Anime I have a suggestion for you. At the start of MoP i had taken a year 1/2 break from wow waiting on crappy cata to be over with. And found SH dead as far as population went and the PVP scene. The first season i did nothing but arena to cap points every week and hated it doing 2 v 2 with a buddy is torture not because we sucked but because 2's just sucks that much.

Anyways this season we were looking for a better solution we knew RBG's offered better points and seemed more what we were looking for to cap on a weekly basis. One day i stumbled across an addon called Oqueue. Basically its an addon that allow you to join pre made RBG groups cross server. So say i create a premade group on oqueue for RBGS once i create it that premade shows up on anyones premade tab that has oqueue and then can they join the waitlist to join the group. Its an awesome addon that helps you find premade groups very easily, and there are groups that range from very low mmr all the way up to 2k going on all the time. I currently see as many as 50 going at a time most days. There is also other stuff you can join onto like 5 man BG honor grinding groups or 10/25 man raids, world bosses anything you can group for is on there.

You should def d/l it, ive met a lot of people off oqueue and its always nice to know more people. Hit me up in game if you ever got any questions or maybe want to do some rbgs.
Very Cool that could be perfect for me. I intend to try it this weekend.
Thanks that is exactly what I am looking for.


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