Now Selling [Primitive Mantle]and[Thug shirt]

Both shirts are no longer obtainable within the game, they were horde starting shirts! Thug shirt is a little less rare but is still fairly a decent vanity item and Primitve mantle is highly rare none have been in the Sargeras AH within months and only 8 have been on all US Realms recently! Please message me ingame or add me on btag Quik#1627! Serious buyers only no trolls! Thanks :)
Still selling!
Now also Selling [Sleeveless T-Shirt]
I'd like to obtain the old Primitive Mantle again. I got rid of mine ages ago and what a mistake it was knowing now that it's gone (almost). If you are still selling it, please respond.
Hey Magtark are you still looking for a primitive mantle?
Although, I have recently obtained the Wraps of the Blood-soaked Brawler, so it's not as big of a deal to have the mantle anymore. It would still be nice to obtain, however.

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