running 2 specs

How do you go about getting 2 sets of gear? I love running holy for groups I love healing, but when out questing I would prefer ret or prot. I think prot does more dmg at lower levels, even in dungeons tanks are always taking the number 1 dps spot at low levels. Thanks for advice!
Getting two sets of gear is just a matter of acquiring all the pieces. Each time you heal a dungeon, keep your eyes out for any strength mail that drops, or any other strength gear you may be able to use. It's polite to let any other paladins or warriors in the group have first dibbs on these pieces, but that's not an actual rule of the game. If there are no other paladins or warriors in your group, definitely roll the dice for "need" on anything with strength on it that you can equip.

Unfortunately, until you reach level 30, you will not be able to switch between holy and another spec easily, but once you reach level 30 and gain Dual Talent Specialization (which you can learn from any paladin trainer), that will be possible. If you start collecting gear now it will be easier to make the transition.

In the meantime, you can pay a small fee at the paladin trainer to switch between holy and the other specs, but that is costly and inconvenient. Level 30 is not far away!
I've always found it easier to level w/ a dps spec. Prot is quite fast for lower levels, but it seems to take ages to kill things at the upper tiers when compared to ret.


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