Hpally LF 10 man Raiding Guild

A little about me:
- Know my class
- Have top ranking raiding exp

Looking for:
-10 man normal or hm
- main spec as a healer os as ret.

Coming back to wow after having some time off for work.

Raiding Exp:
Future sailors 7/7 FL HM Pre nerf
rats 2/6 HM MSV 2nd week. (was sick for the 3/6 kill...)
destruction HOF 6/6 first week.

Extra info:
I'm not amazingly geared as I'm just coming back to raiding after 5 months off but I'm currently 485iLvl equipped (not bad seeing as 5 months has passed). Looking for a lively but focused raid environment.

Add me on real id to talk if your might have a spot for me. Templar#1726

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