SPriest Looking for Casual Raiding Guild.

In the last week I have transferred over from a different server and am looking for a new guild.

I have been raiding since Naxx (25man) all the way through to MSV, mostly 25 man, with some 10man. Due to scheduling changes in real life and guild raid nights, I was not able to continue raiding with the guild in Heart Of Hear of Terrace of Endless Springs except for the LFR versions.

I am looking for a new guild that is adult oriented with a casual raiding schedule. I can normally start a raid @ 8pm server as I have a young family which is why the 8pm start time is important as I normally have family duties done by 8pm server.

I am not able to confirm that I will be available to raid every week, but have the desire to raid at least once per week (may be able to raid more than once a week, but it would be short notice), whether that is old content or new. I am looking forward to becoming part of new guild/team.

Current iLevel = 497
Special Cupcakes is looking for a Spreist. We are a casual guild that transfered 2 weeks ago. Our raid nights are tuesday and thursday 7-10. We are currently working on ToT content. Most of our raiders are older and some with families so we understand that real life comes first. If you are interested please feel free to drop an app at our website http://specialcupcakes.enjin.com/ .

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