when to use devotion aura in Arena

Hi, I've been trying to figure out when its best to use Devotion Aura in arena's. When do you guys use it if you use it at all? I usually pop the aura when my team mates are low on health and I'm expecting a silence on my healer but its so hard to predict when it will be use. I also try to use it against mages after I trinket from a poly or a deep freeze.

Any other thoughts on when i should be using this spell?
Well it sounds like you have a basic understanding of when to use it. Obviously the most important time if you are playing with a healer is when he absolutely must get a heal off in order for someone to be able to survive and you know that the other team is in a good position to kick his cast.

Depending on the situation you can use it for offense to prevent blanket silence or in the case of playing with a casting dps partner when trying for a kill or in dire circumstances you can use it purely for the 20% magic damage reduction if you know you or one of your team members are going to be hit with mega damage like chaos bolt or if they are stuck in a deep freeze.

It is a very versatile spell and often under utilized so just make sure that it doesn't sit unused on your bars.
Thanks, I guess I must play more and try to anticipate better..

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