Arena Master 2v2 requirement - please lower

I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this (i didn't find a 'suggestions' forum...)

Given the current state of pvp, specifically the 2v2 bracket, it is nearly impossible to achieve the 2200 required rating in 2v2 to unlock the 'Arena Master' title. In order to get 2200 in 2s, you would need to be rank 1, or very close to rank 1, and never lose a game. This is not an easy task for certain classes as some are better for 2s than others.

I would like to suggest that the 2200 rating requirement for the 'Arena Master' title be lowered to 2k. This is still a tough rating to achieve, but not nearly as impossible as the current requirement. Several expansions ago, 2200 in 2s was much easier to get (arguably the easiest requirement for 'Arena Master') but I think its time for the achieve to be set at a realistic level for the current state of the game.

Anyone agree?

I don't really understand why this hasn't been changed already. 2200 was almost impossible to get in Cataclysm as well.
lol there are only 19 teams across all battle groups that are at or above 2200, gonna have to agree with u with this.

12 teams are lvl 70s and 1 85 team....
yup, i'm glad you took a look at the ladder. shocking isn't it?
yes, time to make a prot pally twink and have friends carry me thru BC raids
I totally agree. I am in a place where all I need is the 2's achievement and It will be almost impossible to obtain it. I really hope this is looked into because it is my number one goal at the moment.
Even 2200 5s and 3s are not as easily attainable as they used to be.

My priest is on Shadowburn and we have
- No 2s team over 2,200 with 90s
- 35 3s teams over 2,200
- 3 5s teams over 2,200

You can also take Bloodlust for example too, since it is highly active
- No 2s teams over 2,200 with 90s
- 71 3s teams over 2,200
- 10 5s teams over 2,200

and thats not even separating all the account piloting up to 2200 that happens on these bgs.

I guess Blizzard lives in their own deluded world though where 50+ teams would reach 2400 rating or higher. Good riddance. These achievements need adjusting, and so does the rating requirement on the gear for vanity purposes. Ratings are not nearly as inflated as they used to be, so either a system to inflate ratings over the season to discourage top players from camping on their ratings to play needs to be implemented or a adjustment to the achievements/gear.

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