The Neverending story game

Earthen Ring
I WANNA PLAY A FORUM GAME WITH YOU GUYS and I figured this would be a good one for a RP server. The entire point of the game is to continue the story from the person who posted above you and to keep it going FOREVER...

1. Try limiting to one line of text a post
^one line of text (about 11 characters into the next "line" of text when you are actually typing)
2. No double posting
3. Don't end the story (its the NEVERENDING story)

I'll start:
On his way to Goldshire one day a happy little gnome named Caramel Gnacklebocker was approached by...
...a large ominous figure who only wanted to know...
where art thou lord and savior Baranalot?
Caramel let out quite the evil giggle and said "...
"I ate him"

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