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Hello Lightbringer!

I wanted to poke around and see if anyone would be interested in befriending a new player. I am a resub looking to start anew in game, and thought lightbringer would be perfect as I have only every played alliance side and figured I should stick with what works. I will give you a little bit about my plans in game, and hopefully a guild or a group of folks will take interest and maybe give me some friendship to help me get started.

I am starting a new character on your server, hopefully a tank paladin, possibly a DK, and I am looking for people to help me learn how to play in the front of the battlefield. My second goal is to transfer the char I am posting on now and turn him into a healer druid. I also have several DPS classes that I would like to further level. My first idea was to start a hunter to level quickly to 90 and be the support for my main which, hopefully, will be a tank of some sort. Anyway, doesn't matter what I play, I am still new and still would like to visit with any of you that have the time. Playtime will be through the roof during the summer as I am a teacher/coach and I am eventually looking to raid either 10 or 25 man, or even both if the right situations come about. Really just ready to learn another role outside of DPS at the endgame, so whatever you may have to say about that. pleased to meet you! if your looking for just a little bit more to a guild and friends and good company check out my forum post hope to see you soom anymore questions my real id is sweetstar87#1635

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