Thinking of joining

Earthen Ring
I have heard many good things about this realm from several guildies, and I was thinking about making an alt on ER. Would someone like to tell me where I should start on this RP journey?
Hi Floim!

Welcome to Earthen Ring. :)

A good place to start is these threads/links here:

New to the Earthen Ring RP? Start Here!
The Handy-Dandy Guide to ER.

The ERN, or Earthen Ring RP Network:
This is a good place to get to know the folks that RP and see what's happening RP-wise. Mentioned in the thread like above!

And if you are new to RP:
A RP Survival Guide:
New to RP or need some ideas? This is a good thread to look at!

I hope these help! And again, welcome to ER. :)


Oh! And if these threads indeed helped, please think about making a Sticky Request to help get these little guys pinned to the front :)
Horde RP is where it's at yo

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