Boomkins Seem Good For PvP

How do long time Boomkin pvpers feel about Balance? I've been playing it for years, took a break for MoP and so far how Balance is now vs how it was for WoTLk or TBC, Boomkin seems awesome - all the utility you could ever ask for.

I've run into a couple situations of being gibbed by Mages, Death Knights and Hunters, (2s so whatever), and I don't really like how weak DoTs are vs what I got accustomed to with the LS2 Catacyslm nonsense, but other than that I feel like its in good shape.

Before I get in to full swing and try hunting down arena partners, what do you guys think? If you think it sucks, say why, try not to just whine about it.
It's missing on-demand damage to use with other classes' lockdowns deep/kidney etc.. Other than that it would be perfectly well-rounded. Defensives are good, considering you know when to use CDs and when to drop back.
Balance is by far the worst class to 1v1 with, extremely long cd on our silence almost 3 times as long as every other silence in the game, good when paired with vortex or roots but still is sub par, along with no instant casts other than on procs you get locked down for almost the entire fight with a melee on you. Our heals are pretty good, but Heart of the Wild is a must if you want to survive at all in pvp. We have good kiting ability but most classes have slows or snares on a GCD that makes shifting out mostly useless. If you know how to line up abilities and cc well with casting starfire to soak an interupt and cloning to heal you can do pretty well. I am almost always top damage in random battlegrounds most of the time doing 2-3 times as much damage as the closest behind me. Balance shines in RBGs and any situation where we can multi dot with our cds popped, starsurge procs are insane with 4+ people dotted.
All i want to see for druids is to be able to cast wraths and starfires on the move while in eclipse state.
All i want to see for druids is to be able to cast wraths and starfires on the move while in eclipse state.

The problem is that starfire already takes too long per cast, and wrath doesn't really do anything.

I've run into a couple situations of being gibbed by Mages, Death Knights and Hunters, (2s so whatever)

I've run into a couple situations of being demolished by Mages, DK's, Hunters, Warlocks, Warriors, Spriests, Feral druids, WW monks, Ele / Enh shaman, Ret pallies....

But this one time, i came up against another moonkin, and i was winning, but then a mage counterspelled me deep froze me and spammed ice lance until i crumbled
Been a long time Hroth.

I think you're going to find folks fairly split on the subject. Things are arguably better for us now compared to what they were before - we have new toys to play with, the RNG that plagued eclipse once upon a time is gone, we have some degree of offhealing capabilities...

But that said, everybody else got improved significantly too - arguably far better than we fared out depending who you talk to. Every class has some degree of burst now, and CC chains are still widely complained about.

Most right now are bitter because the main reason for bringing a moonchicken to an RBG game is getting nerfed into (mostly) uselessness (Radius on solar beam glyph) - and thus so are we.

Not sure if you've seen what's coming up soon ... but blizzard has announced a gear scaling mechanic, a personal resilience change, and a reworking of stats across PVP gear for the 5.3 patch. You may want to take an eyeball or two of it if you intend to get back into the swing of PVP.

Edit: I speeky gooder.
im just glad beam/vortex will be getting a nerf in 5.3
im just glad beam/vortex will be getting a nerf in 5.3

It's not a nerf. It's a change for the sake of balance. Currently solar beam is tooo ridicu-huge.

Balance PvP is a lot of fun. Dotting everything up then skillsurging everyone is a good time. Right up until the enemy healers disspell all of your dots and you get no procs...
We rely to heavily on RNG because of our huge cast times, so we have no on demand damage. This also makes our burst non-existent at times and 1v1 situations impossible, especially against melee. The eclipse mechanic doesn't help either due to solar eclipse being useless and downtime between eclipses, which restricts our damage output even further. And to top it off we have the worst CC for a caster.
04/23/2013 10:22 AMPosted by Hbombe
im just glad beam/vortex will be getting a nerf in 5.3

It's not a nerf. It's a change for the sake of balance.

It's a nerf.
04/23/2013 10:22 AMPosted by Hbombe
Currently solar beam is tooo ridicu-huge.

For a combo that is actually 2 spells used together, one of which requires you to use a talent point to get it, beam/vortex is perfectly fine for what it does. Especially with all the counters that exist for it. Used on its own this will not catch many people on its own. It's when you have death knights mass gripping whole teams into this that it gets really strong, especially with how caster heavy so many comps are.
I love where boomkin is myself. Beside every 3min its hard to do big dmg on call, but at any time you can hit a lucky proc and take half of someones hp. And a good proc with cds up will damn near one shot people in arena. 240k is my top crit, that was in 5s at 1900mmr so it wasnt some random guy in !@#$ gear at 1300mmr. Ive hit some crazy numbers in rbgs/bgs with FC stacks or orbs.

1v1. Its not as bad as most make it out to be. There are 3 classes i will not duel, Rogue, WW monk, UH dk. Beside them 3 i can give just about anyone a run for their money. It may not be a given duel, but played right you can get the win.

2v2. Ive only done around 6 matches this season with a healer. It makes for really long games but a boomkin with a good healer is very hard to kill. Double dps is where boomkins shine in 2s, im running with a rogue we are 303-127 1945cr 18th in the BG. Being able to change your talents in the arena is big, I use NV vs healer comps, HotW vs 2 dps. With HotW up our healing is crazy that plus your cc's and your partners cc you can live most burst. I would try Rogue, Mage, Lock, Spreist. Other dps will work but these are what i have had the best luck with.

3v3. The teams choices start to slim down but with our off healing allot of teams can work. Ive hit 2k with a few teams this season Dpreist, Warrior, me.. Rsham, lock, me,, and Hpaly, Rogue, me atm. Hit 1800 running triple dps sure we could of got higher if we did it for more then a day.

5v5. I love doing 5s on my boomkin! Dotting everyone then blasting someone down in a solar beam is awesome.. Cant tell you how many times i have killed someone with a double proc leaving the team asking what happen. But again our off healing is what helps the team the most, spread dots, shoot procs, peel and heal as needed.

RBGS. A boomkin is pretty much a must. With solar beam, vortex, DK mass grip, Mage RoF worked right its a team killer! But we have decent raid pressure, and we are great for Offense team for FC maps. You should have no problem find a rbg as boomkin.

I have only played WotlK, The last few months of cata, and been playing all of MoP but i feel this is the best spot boomkin has been since i have played. Im actually surprised on how much hate boomkin gets on the forums. I may not be pushing glad or even duelist, but im not doing bad by any means.
Pretty useless. Assuming you can play another dps class on an equal level, you'll do so much better with a Spriest/Rogue/Mage/Unholy DK/Hunters.
im just glad beam/vortex will be getting a nerf in 5.3

Says the guy posting as a mage. I wonder if mage silence had a 1 minute cd and allowed players to run a few steps out of it mages would think that a good nerf...
1v1 your only solution is to try to get away. Against warriors or DKs you will be dead in a few seconds. Rogues can still lock us down for almost the entire fight, if not the entire fight, and any other caster class can outduel us because they have more burst and much better silence and CC. Just try getting any kind of spell off that isn't instant against a priest or warlock...
From an arena POV:
It's a gimmicky spec that (as many others have said) is far too RNG dependant. You can pop your CD's and either 2 shot someone or get unlucky with procs and do sup-par damage.
Casted damage is rarely worth casting. Dot damage is mediocre.
Our survivability and off-healing is pretty amazing. CC is good.
It's a fun spec overall but it can be pretty frustrating.

PS - Beam + Vortex is pretty broken. I don't see how anyone can defend it.

PS - Beam + Vortex is pretty broken. I don't see how anyone can defend it.

Don't think anyone really denies it's broken. Survivability isn't a major issue, but reliant damage is. MoP is completely about coordinated burst damage, as opposed to Cata where you could get away with spread dot pressure. Unfortunately people can heal through dot damage without really using mana or major cooldowns.

Ideally, it would be nice to be able to play like a support DPS with offhealing/defensive utility(Which we can already do somewhat effectively). But the major difference between boomkin and other support hybrids is that their burst damage is reliable, and assured.
Didn't read any of these novels, but boomkin is fine.

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