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I see folks all the time on Ally side with "RP Welcome!" notes on their TRP2 & other RP addon profiles. I don't see them as often on Horde side, but then again, I've been mostly Ally since getting back after MoP dropped.

I swear whenever I put that on my tag (in WoW or TSW) I don't get anyone approaching me until like 45sec before I plan on logging off and then invariably someone comes up and starts talking. Sigh.

Oh man, my sympathies. I've been up far too late 'cause of surprise RP just when I was thinking I would log off. On the bright side, at least it's fun. :)
04/25/2013 04:52 AMPosted by Seyahat
quantity? alliance. quality? horde.

People say that, but it hasn't been my experience.
My experience is that quality RP can be found with about as much ease both sides. I've seen a lot of poor RP Horde-side (and god knows Horde RPers complaining about bad Horde RP), and I get a lot of good RP Ally-side. There are good and bad RPers in both factions.

ETA: And to be honest, very little makes me less interested in trying to seek out or appreciate quality Horde RP than this kind of insulting comment towards the opposite faction's RP community. It's rude and I think entirely uncalled for.
((TRP2 works just fine, though if you're having trouble with your chat windows you need to go into the menu and purge your dialects.

I have /yet/ to see a single TRP2 note that did not say "Walk-ups welcome."

Also this. It got to the point where I didn't have "walk-ups welcome" in mine, because I kinda figured it was just standard for everyone with the addon lol. Maybe I need to go back to having it in my OOC information. ))
04/27/2013 08:28 AMPosted by Seyahat
I stand by my original statement. horde is where its at. alliance rp tends to be very guild inclusive, and often times if youre not wearing the tag and you show up to one of their hubs, you are ignored. then there is the choice if the blue recluse, which is in and of itself a den of sin, lore breaking and god modding. Ive seen bad horde rp. VERY bad horde rp. but it tends to be more isolated, and you know whom to avoid if you wish to avoid that sort of nonsense. not so much on the alliance.

I stand by my statement as well. I've been ignored all over the place Horde-side. I even came to one of your own guild's events, tried to mix a bit and start a few conversations, and was soundly ignored. I'm not going to judge all of Horde RP based on the fact that I haven't managed to find my way into it yet, and I think you're off-base in judging Horde RP as welcoming and Alliance RP as unwelcoming. But your original statement wasn't that it was unwelcoming, it was that it isn't quality, and that Horde RP is. That's just an incorrect blanket statement to make.
What did you come to, Seya? (Hi I'm the GM). Often times at very social events, I tuck myself away in a corner and wander off. I'm essentially a dead body in a sea of live ones, because very very active events make me a bit dizzy and can be a bit much to handle.

Events like those, where chat boxes flow very quickly, can be difficult for new people to break into. Conversations go so quickly that I think most people just scroll up looking for the name of the person they're speaking to so nothing gets lost.

I've heard similar things said about our bar night in the past, and unfortunately, as much as I try to accommodate everyone I am just not good in enormous social situations like that.

If you would like to take a look at Horde RP in the future, I would try some of the smaller or more organized and stream lined events, things that don't revolve around casual conversation and being drunk. They're a bit easier to get involved in, I think.

If that's something you want to do, you can always ask Tiombi or Rasek to point you in the right direction.
When in doubt insult Juzmik.
When in doubt insult Juzmik.
And this.
04/27/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Buttunz
What did you come to, Seya? (Hi I'm the GM). Often times at very social events, I tuck myself away in a corner and wander off. I'm essentially a dead body in a sea of live ones, because very very active events make me a bit dizzy and can be a bit much to handle.

It was a bar night, and believe me, I completely understand and didn't take it personally at all. I used to RP in a game that had a massive bar night every week, and it was inSANE. So many conversations, the text scrolling by so fast - I had a plugin that would color the names of the people I mostly RPd with, and I still lived in fear of missing something important that my character should respond to. It happened more than once, too, so, I know how those things are. :)

I mentioned it more because I felt like an unfair slap was taken at Alliance RP and I wanted to point out that RP can be difficult to break into regardless of faction. I mean, I'm sure some RPers -- in both factions -- are unwelcoming or cliquish, but I think more often than not, what they are is RPing. It can be hard to keep up with the conversation you're actually in, much less turn your attention to folks you don't yet know. And of course a lot of folks are shy, or their characters are surly IC, or the player is AFK, or or or.

I get the feeling sometimes that some newcomers to RP, and maybe even some who've been around the block a few times, still sort of expect an RP welcome wagon to show up at their door with a starter plot and a handful of players ready to RP it with them, and it just doesn't work that way. How I wish it did! :D But all of us have to make an effort to be welcoming to newcomers as much as we can, to be patient and friendly and putting forth effort if we're newcomers ourselves, and to assume the best of one another rather than the worst if we find our first attempts don't get us where we want to go.

I definitely want to come to some of the more plotted events. Hour of Transcendence is out for me because it starts too late on a work night for me (my local time is an hour later than server time), but I'm keeping my eyes open for other opportunities!

Um. I don't think I'll be insulting Juzmik, though, before I have a clearer idea of what happens next.... >.>
Juzmik is fun. He might pee on you, he might stab you, he might kick you out, he might take your boyfriend home with him. You never know.

EDIT: Also there's a race for science tonight at 8 server if you'd like to come.
When in doubt insult Juzmik.

Pfft! Juzmik blew me a kiss last week. It was flattering!
As a new player to ED and the RP here. I can say that so far on Alliance side the RP is very clickish. If your not in the "IN" group within a RP guild people will RP and not invite you at all. I havent experienced RP on Horde side yet but for Alliance side so far as I am coming from Twisting nether I am very dissapointed........LONG LIVE DA CARTEL!!!!!!!!

The Cartel never dies, does it my old friend? They were some fun times. I've never found anything like it since.
The Blue Recluse is a bastion of sin

I've gotten used to seeing this said about Goldshire... being from MG.

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