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Greetings Alliance Moon Guard-ians.

I am planning a large scale open RP event, similar in scope to the Broken Doll or the Shazia's Plague outbreak, and would like to invite EVERYONE to participate. This event shall be played out over the course of several weeks, with a defined ending for the Antagonist. The event itself will not only contain battles but puzzles, coded messages, and riddles.

Rama, what do you mean by an "Open RP Event ?"

Well, by Open RP I mean that everyone is invited to participate, regardless of whether they know me or not. The event is open to anyone who wishes to get involved (which I hope is many of you.) However, despite the fact that this event is Open to all, it does not mean that the plot of the event can be misconstrued by those involved. Rather, the plot for the Antagonist or Antagonists that I have in mind shall be SET IN STONE. This means that the fate of the Antagonist or Antagonists has already been decided prior to the event's creation and no one involved can use that for their own purposes unless given express permission by the event's creator (me). Regardless of this fact, the event itself shall be quite entertaining and will allow the server's many RP factions to gather together and fight a great evil, much like we did with the Broken Doll and other server events, in order to create a great experience for the server as a whole.

Wait, the Antagonist's fate is decided before hand? What about character progression?

Good question! Although the Antagonist or Antagonists fate may be decided before hand, this does not mean that the Protagonists (ie, the people involved in the event.) shall not encounter challenges that will test their mental and physical fortitude, thereby allowing them to grow from their experiences.

Sounds like fun, Ramallama!

I agree, dear reader. If you are interested in participating in such an event, whose plot shall be alluded to below, please state your interest in this page. This forum page shall be updated regularly to ensure all Protagonists shall be kept up to date on the events involved. Questions? Concerns? Feel free to send me questions and concerning minor details via whisper or in-game mail, but all MAJOR questions involving the event shall be answered here and -only- here. Please do not be upset if I tell you to ask your question in the forum, as I may be flooded with questions or be too busy planning the next stage of the event to answer in game.

TL:DR: My version of an "Open RP event" (see above), great fun, ask questions and expect answers in this forum thread

Get on with the show already, old elfie, lets see what is all this is about..


The dark forest lay all but forgotten after Deathwing's destruction, what small encampments that survived beneath the towering canopy of Felwood's rotted trees had struggled to survive throughout the coming months. The mortals that toiled within the cursed soil, Horde and Alliance alike, managed to etch out a meager living, but it seemed the cursed woods themselves had a mind of its own. Some worgen disappeared into the very night which once hid them so well, never to be seen again. Goblins, spying a great treasure on a hill just out of reach, were never heard from come the next sunrise.

Throughout all this, haunted black eyes peeked out at the mortals from the dense underbrush, as if the rotted limbs and boughs of Felwood protected them from sight...

Just beyond the mortal encampments, in the long forgotten ruins of a Kaldorei outpost lost to time, a small band of hooded figures gathered around a purple campfire. The flames licked at the hooded group's many cloven feet as their eyes glowed a ravenous violet hue.

One of the figures, taller than the rest, stepped closer to the fire.
"Our plans shall be put to motion soon", the tall figure rasped, "Soon new lands shall come under our dominion..and our rot shall spread across Azeroth."

The other hooded figures nodded silently in response, stamping the cursed ground in agreement. The smallest of the group thrust a clawed hand into the fire as her eyes glowed a dark green, mimicking the taint which seemed to choke the land of it's last breath.

A portal formed from the flames, showing them a peaceful idyllic land far beyond the land which the figures knew as "home". They all stepped through, one by one, all but the last figure..

"Soon, these Kingdoms beyond the Sea shall be ours...and Azeroth's heroes shall watch as the land itself betrays them."

The Dark Forest itself seemed to shake at these words, as if a soundless cry from the rotted woods mourned the events which were soon to transpire.
I'm in.
I'd like to get involved.
Count me in.
Yippeee... so does this mean I get kidnapped...ahem... again?
I'm in. maybe on a few characters if it is allowed :3
Glad to hear everyone is interested! I am expected to have the first part of the event established by Friday, Sunday at the latest. Please spread the word so others can also participate.
I would love to participate in anything you run, Rama!
Of course my friend. Lemme know if there is anything I can do to help.
Count me in too.
I am in, and will pass it along to the rest of my guild. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Rama!
I support this.
This sounds like an exceptionally fun adventure! I would love to participate in any way I'm allowed Ramallen. Sign me up!
Sounds like fun! I'd like a go at it as well
It sounds like fun! I'd love to participate.
Looking forward to this!
This sounds awesome! Count me in!
Oh man, I'm so there. I'll be on Caellya and hopefully drag Senka along, depending on my / his availability. Looking forward to it!!!
I and my Highborne, handmaidens, and Highguard will gladly participate in this. This server needs a fat injection of RP--and hopefully nothing to do with wonky gnome technology or cow paladins that travel through time on steampunk motorcycles. Back to what makes the Warcraft universe appealing--at least to me--magic, demons, medieval/fantasy stuff, so don't even think about charging in to battle on your clunky jalopy cycle with your shrink ray in hand! /slap

Yay for organized, serious RP!
I will discuss this with my guild, but, it looks fun. :)

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